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Reviews & Testimonials

Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI) Graduates of the advanced Certified Therapist courses talk about their experiences.

Hear their views on the Curriculum, the Mentoring Video Calls, and the Session Swaps within fellow students in the PLAI community.

Video Courses

Past Life Regression BundleVideo Courses to learn about a complete, holistic Past Life Regression process.

Gain Certificates of Completion. Implement techniques in your sessions. Assess if you want to take further professional training, and get a full credit if you upgrade.

Online Video; Some similarities to the Certified Therapist videos. No assignments, mentoring calls or session swaps.

PLAI Podcast

The PLAI Podcast interviews healers, including many PLAI Graduates.  We focus on aspects of Hypnotherapy, Past Life & Between Lives Regression, and Spirit Releasement Therapy. 

We discuss the healers journey and client case studies, which can resonate with people looking for personal healing sessions, or learning to be a healer.

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PLAI Youtube Channel

Subscribe to the Past Life Awakening Institute Youtube channel for a) course extracts, b) podcast interviews, c) spiritual movie reviews, d) audio PLR or Spirit Releasement Therapy sessions.

Watch this Past Life Regression session Mark gives to psychologist 'Maggie' aka Myagmarjargal. She had never had Past Life Regression before, and she is now a PLAI Graduate.

PLAI Certified Therapist Graduates

Dr Haile Michaelson: Past Life Regression Therapist
British Columbia, Canada. BAPsych, ND(ret), CHT. Intuitive Hypnotherapist
I work primarily with anxiety, depression, trauma, binge eating, chronic dieting, bulimia and PTSD. I train Intuitive Life Coaches with my school SoulStrong.

Cynthia Renee Meeks: Past Lives & Between Lives Therapist
Dallas, Texas, USA & Online. Metaphysics. Numerologist.
It’s my mission to help people see their true potential that exists within them.
Youtube Spiritual Guidance Channel

Marlene Kriston: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist
Northboro, Massachusetts, USA & Online
Marlene is an energy intuitive and practices heart light connection who helps clients discover the root cause of their issue, reconnecting them to their soul’s purpose.

Myagmarjargal (Meg) Purev: Past Life Regression Therapist
Fukuoka, Japan & Mongolia & Online.
Psychologist. University Lecturer.
Meg's practice encompasses many areas or spiritual regression, alongside her work as a psychologist. Her own detailed past life regression is on video in the course Past Life Regression Demonstrated.

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PLAI Graduate Reviews

Pattie Belle Hastings; Past Life Regression Therapist. Connecticut, USA. Professor in Media & Design. Website. Youtube.

"Mark is a brilliant teacher, and the courses are beautifully designed. I have taken many online courses of various kinds and none have been as thorough and well-designed as Mark Beale's PLAI.

I have learned so much. I've had immediate results in my sessions. I am thrilled with his way of connecting to me the student; his building of my skills and confidence step-by-step; and the support he provides in his detailed responses to our calls."

Benoît Penneçot:  Past Lives, Between Lives, Spirit Releasement. QHHT. Introspective Hypnosis. Lumi-Naissant.

"Mark Beale knows how to share his knowledge and wisdom. Videos, audio files, textbooks and exchange with the teacher. The feeling is to have accomplished a serious and comprehensive training you can be proud of and confident enough to practice the best way possible.

It's an amazing resource to get all the help and structure one needs to feel confident and to know what to do. Being tutored and supervised through your client's session is also very reassuring."

Simon Bown; Past Life Regression Therapist, and Host of the Past Lives Podcast.

"Mark has put together a great course teaching a very effective method of Past Life Regression Therapy. The teaching videos are excellent and the mentoring calls with Mark are always very insightful.”

Listen to Simon interview Mark for the Past Lives Podcast.

Ursa Young; Hypnotherapist, CHt. Msc in Psychology.
Ljubljana, Slovenia & Online.

As a psychologist and a yoga teacher, I have always been fascinated with the depths of our psyche and believed in the healing beauty of our soul. On my journey though, I sometimes felt as a bit of a lone wolf and was looking for my tribe for quite a while. With Mark Beale's loving wise guidance and his students I have had the pleasure to work with, I feel like I have found it.  

I would recommend his courses to anyone who feels the calling and is eager to master the skills to serve people better. If you are looking for a wise teacher and feel you could benefit from the support of a most generous tribe - look no further. 

I especially loved feeling supported and guided every step of the way – Mark is great at what he does, offers cutting-edge tools for fast transformation. Having a wise, insightful, generous mentor like him is a true blessing.

I love how the clear three session structures for resolving subconscious blockages and bringing out the best out of your clients by accessing their Higher self and own Soul's wisdom.

As a therapist, I feel the course sharpened my tools, me clarity and more confidence that was immediately followed by even faster and more powerful results of my clients and being able to better monetize my mission. Thank you, Mark, feel truly blessed and grateful for the experience, loved every step of the way!

See more Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI) Graduates.

Reviews - Video Courses

Past Life Regression & Hypnosis

Ekaterina, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist

Past Life Regression Therapy

I'm amazed with this course. I'm already conversational hypnotist myself. Just listening to the audio I was able to view some of my past lives and benefit from it. Looking forward to take "Between life" course. Thank you, Mark!

Esther on Udemy

Past Life Regression Therapy

"Hi Mark! I did my first PLR session today. It was amazing! I followed your outline! After being a hypnotherapist since 2001, PLR got my client directly to the root cause of her issue even before I was done explaining the process and what is expected of her. My client informed me she has been in therapy for many years and this is the first time she was able to get such clarity. Thanks for creating this course and sharing your very valuable experience…"

A.M. Pettry CHT

Clinical Hypnotherapist

“I have been involved in Hypnosis for more than 20 years, and Regressions for 15. I took this course kinda as a refresher. I was highly impressed with it's content, explanations, and insights. I Highly recommend this course for any looking or interested in Past Lives Regression! I truly feel it is an Excellent Course!”


Past Life Regression Therapy

"Curso muito bom. Com certeza recomendo a todos. Gratidão por todos os ensinamentos." ("Very good course. I sure recommend it to everyone. Gratitude for all the teachings.")

Elisa Ruiz

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers

Excellent Course. This course is very informative and helpful. I cannot believe it was a free course! I will definitely be investing in your other courses. Thank you!

Becca St. John

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers

Very powerful class. Clearly stated information with a manual to use as reference. In depth answers to all the how/what/whys of hypnotism. Amazingly concise ...

Shannon Flaherty

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers

Great foundation course. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to get good basic understanding of hypnosis and how to use it and/or to experience hypnosis for yourself. Includes scripts so you can get started right away.

Raimundo Alves

Clinical Hypnosis

Very Good Teacher and Course! Best than many expensive payed courses, good videos, good explanations and clear voice and sound. Everything to learn Clinical Hypnosis for everyone. Thank you very much!

Anya Blakeley

Clinical Hypnosis

Most Amazing Online Course Ever! I learned so much from taking this course. Thank you for the step by step videos and the complete manuals. I am sure I will come back to them again and again. (I already am!) I look forward to the rest of the courses. Thank you, Mark.

Anya Blakeley

Hypnotherapy with Age Regression

Your courses are amazing! I am learning so much and each time I tune in, I learn more and more, gaining confidence, deepening my knowledge and gratitude about hypnosis and your teachings. Thank you, Mark, for your commitment to healing, teaching and mentoring.

Spirit Releasement Therapy

Lidia Claudia Berestecki

Spirit Releasement

Thank you, Mark! This was such an enlightening experience for me. It gave me the tools that have been missing from my connectivity with spirits through my energy work, my ministry, as well as my dozen years' as a paranormal investigator. This should definitely be a required addendum to Reiki training. Off to the next "Mark" course.

Nazama Shalhamadabar Yasharal

Spirit Releasement

The course itself was very thorough, yet easy to grasp, very systematic, yet also very engaging. I especially appreciated that the instructor took the time to respond to the student queries in depth in the Q & A section of the course. He also was very timely and expounded efficiently in messenger. Thank you Mr. Mark Beale for your sharing your knowledge and for your valuable time.

G. Ozkan

Spirit Releasement

The reason I chose this course is that I witnessed spirit releasement and I wanted to apply it in my hypnosis sessions to help my clients but also to be prepared for such cases. Every word Mark spelled out resonates with my beliefs (it doesn't have to resonate for you to learn) and all the spiritual knowledge I gathered up until now in my life from many resources. Mark explains what to do and why to do so, very well, and how to handle different kind of clients from different backgrounds. Videos, documents, and presentations are prepared professionally. Mark, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.

Vinay Choudhary

Spirit Releasement

I have done these spirit releasement sessions earlier and the detailed knowledge provided in the course will help me a lot during my further sessions an good point is that it is applicable to all religion and faith.

Sanne Steers

Spirit Releasement

This course is really helpful when you are a naturopath and people with severe trauma related psychological problems come to your practice for help. The calm talking in his video lectures make the heavy stuff you get to learn nearly easy to digest. It makes it easier to distinguish between clients you have to send back to their GP in order to get a referral for psychological help, and those who can be helped with the knowledge from this course. So this course can lessen the anxiousness for getting heavy burdened clients in your practice.

Lida Hajiesmaeili

SRT - Light-worker & Reiki Master

As a lightworker, and a master of Reiki and positive energies, getting help from the Army of Light was a familiar way, but the tips that were discussed in each subject added to my insights. Finally, in the topic of ET, using special light and colors besides the other information greatly added to my supernatural knowledge. I am very happy and satisfied to get this course, everything was classified perfectly. God bless you and I wish you balance and health.

David Cooze

Spirit Releasement

Very thorough! Mark clearly presents an effective approach for working with various types of spirit attachment, within a therapy context. With explanation of the various types of spirits and situations one may encounter, along with how best to engage with these so the client can resolve their issues. All this is supported by explanation, example scripts and case studies. Approaching the subject in a manner that is free from religious interpretation, yet safe and empowering for the individual. Well put together, happy to recommend.

Julia Muensterer

Spirit Releasement

Amazing. Love this course - so helpful. Getting my MA in clinical psychotherapy and becoming a shamanic reiki master so this applies to it all. I've always been curious. Merging the knowledge I already had + my experiences, with this course, makes me feel like I have more to back me up when the time comes. Would recommend!

Shihui Wang

Spirit Releasement

Amazing course!!! I feel so grateful and blessed to take this course! I found it very informative with a lot of additional resources that I can practice by myself and in future practices. Thank you so much to make this course very affordable and accessible, and I can't wait to take another course on this website!

Anya Blakeley

Spirit Releasement

Another Amazing Course! I've been afraid of Spiritual Releasement because I erroneously thought that the entity might attach to me. I hadn't really gotten that all spirits are light, just some haven't been aware of that. Ive had a DFE attachment and releasement, but with a different system. The way you present the material has shifted my whole perspective and I feel excited to continue in this study. I have learned so much through all your courses, Mark. Thank you for your generosity of knowledge, the depth and organization of the materials and your commitment to healing. You are truly fulfilling your mission to bring Light to the planet though your services. Thank you.

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