Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy.

  • Certification Training

    Are you healer looking for Past Life Regression certification? Explore my unique approach of training and mentoring people through real sessions.

  • Personal Sessions

    Are you looking for regression sessions? My clients range from healing professional healers, to the newly awakening. Email me an Intake Form to begin your journey.


Your Past Life Regression journey begins.

Certification Training

Unique practical, mentoring based approach. Assignments are giving real sessions to your clients. Earn while you learn. Be mentored and guided through real challenges, to overcome blocks and grow real confidence and competence.

  • Are you a healer, psychologist, coach, QHHT or holistic therapy practitioner?

  • Do you have clients interested in, or in need of, spiritual regression therapies?

  • Train to increase your skills, your income and your ability to help your clients.

Personal Sessions

Are you looking for Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy or Hypnotherapy sessions? Zoom means you can now access world leading therapists with online sessions.

  • Do you have a reliable internet connection, and a headset with a microphone?

  • Online sessions work! They have many advantages over in-person. Now you can access world experts from your home.

  • Get a program of 3 to 5 sessions for deep therapeutic results, all via Zoom.

Video Courses

Gain a certificate of completion from the Past Life Awakening Institute. These courses are the same as found on Udemy, where I have 16,000+ students and 2,500+ reviews.

  • The same course as Udemy, but with a Past Life Awakening Institute certificate.

  • The same price year round, no need to wait for Udemy sales.

  • Unlike Udemy, get a bundle of courses for a better price.

PLAI Podcast

The PLAI Podcast interviews healers, including many PLAI Graduates. We focus on aspects of Hypnotherapy, Past Life & Between Lives Regression, and Spirit Releasement Therapy. 

We discuss the healers journey and client case studies, which can resonate with people looking for personal healing sessions, or learning to be a healer.

Spotify - Apple - Audible - PLAI Podcast Page

PLAI Youtube

Subscribe to the Past Life Awakening Institute Youtube channel for a) course extracts, b) podcast interviews, c) spiritual movie reviews, d) audio PLR or Spirit Releasement Therapy sessions.

Watch this Past Life Regression session Mark gives to psychologist 'Maggie' aka Myagmarjargal. She had never had Past Life Regression before, and she is now a PLAI Graduate.

Mark Beale

Therapist, Trainer, Mentor

I have lived and breathed regression therapies as my only work and income for 17 years, working with thousands of people from over 50 countries, from all walks of life. 

2006: Graduated from the California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII), with Dr Sunny Satin.

2012; became a teacher, graduating from the National Guild of Hypnotists with Dr Will Horton in Florida.

My method is to elicit your superconscious inner wisdom. My aim is to bring extraordinary value as a return on the investment in yourself.

I honor the connection that has brought you here, and offer another step on the path of healing and awakening.

Contact me at mark@pastlifeawakeninginstitute.com.

Mark Beale
Therapist, Trainer, Mentor
Past Life Awakening Institute

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