Complete SRT Professional

Mentoring you through your most complex client cases. Multi session approach for Earthbound Spirits, Dark Force Entities & Extraterrestrials, ETs.

  • Root Causes

    Past regression for the full narrative of what, when, where, why. Clarify attached entity types. Skillful precise interactions, not a blunt demanding counter-attack.

  • Release

    Untangling the dark illusion, and allowing the light of truth and peace. Healing entity and client with deep insights that clean, seal and future proof past openings.

  • Ongoing Therapy

    Integration after release. Untangling the effects of attachment. Future Progression to ensure past Root Causes are closed, once and for all.

Certified Spirit Releasement Therapist

Professional Certification To Practice Spirit Releasement Therapy

  • Prerequisite; a) 'Past Life Regression Therapist Professional' graduate. Or...

  • Past Life Therapist or QHHT with 100+ clients.

  • 4 video calls x 1.5 hours = 6 hours, to mentor you through your SRT sessions with your clients.

  • 8.5 hours Instructional Video. 4 Assignments. Do 3 sessions with 3 clients = 9 sessions.

  • 40.5 hour total time commitment over 2 months.

  • Manual; 103 pages. Scriptbook; 34 pages. 4 Assignments.

  • Certified Spirit Releasement Therapist, SRT. Issued by the Past Life Awakening Institute, PLAI. Accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, IPHM.

Spirit Releasement Therapy Training

Learn A 3 Session Process For A Full Therapeutic Resolution

  • First Session; Hypnosis, Age Regression To Resources, Spirit Guides. Discover Attached Spirits. Initial Therapy.

  • We identify and distinguish between a range of spirits you can encounter in a therapeutic context, including Spirit Guides, Earthbound Spirits and Dark Force Entities (DFEs) and ETs.

  • Second Session; Earthbound Spirits. Age Regression To Cause. Interview EBs. Release EBs. Brief Therapy.

  • Third Session; Dark Force Entities. Identifying, understanding and engaging with DFEs. Regress to cause. Gain releasement. Rescue Spirits of Light. Ongoing therapeutic resolutions.

  • We apply the appropriate releasement techniques, including help from the Rescue Spirits of Lights, Archangel Michael and the Spirit Guide, and the input of client and therapist.

  • Case Studies; to illustrate the whole process, with an expansive example based on the presenting issues of Relationships, leading to EBs, EBs with nested DFEs & DFEs.

  • SRT Advanced Demonstrated Case Studies; illustrate true complex cases. Your client should look similar, so we can go through them with mentoring in real time.

Is SRT For Me Or My Clients?

  • Have you had unusual spiritual, emotional, verbal or physical reactions from clients, especially during hypnotherapy or past life regression sessions?

  • Do you have clients who do Channeling, or are Psychics or Mediums, and find their light work can turn deceptive or dark?

  • Are you feel an interest or karmic connection to helping people resolve literal spiritual issues?

  • This training helps to a) manage spontaneous spirit attachments issues, and b) to give intentional sessions for clients that bring spirit attachment as a primary presenting issue.

Reviews & Testimonials

Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI) Graduates;  of the advanced Certified Therapist courses talk about their experiences.

Hear their views on the Curriculum, the Mentoring Video Calls and Session Swaps within the PLAI community.

Myagmarjargal (Meg) Purev: Spirit Releasement, PLR. Psychologist.

"Spirit Releasement Therapy brought up many surprises while I was doing PLR. The work of resolving them would not have really been possible without mentoring.

I really learned to have a conversation with the entity to really get their story - so you can crack the case fully. "

International Accreditation

The Past Life Awakening Institute is accredited as a training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) to certify students as a "Certified Therapist" in Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy. This means;

a) As a training provider we meet the requirements and regulations of an independent, worldwide association of healthcare professionals.

b) Your certificate includes the logo of the Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI), and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

c) Insurance companies recognized your qualification from this course. You can apply for Professional Insurance.

Course Curriculum

Watch the free preview videos

  • 2

    Part 2: Spirits

    • Origination of SRT

    • Spirits

    • Spirits Not Requiring Releasement

    • Spirits Requiring Releasement

    • The Car Metaphor

    • Spirit Communication

    • Case Study 1: Spirits Not Requiring Releasement

    • Case Study 2: Spirits Influence Therapists

    • Quiz 1: Introduction

  • 3

    Part 3: Session Preparation

    • Types Of SRT Session

    • Overview of Sessions

    • Why Do SRT - Indications and Issues

    • Client Interview

    • Interview Content

    • SRT Client Interview

    • Interview Assessment

    • Pre-Talk

    • Contra-indications For SRT Sessions

    • FAQ’s

    • Case Study 3: Guiding Spirits - Astral Projection

    • Final Client Assessment & Zoom Checklist

    • Assignment 1; Client Interview & SRT Preparation

  • 4

    Module Two - First Session of SRT - Part 1 Hypnosis

    • Spirit Guide & Set Intention

    • Age Regression to Neutral - Water

    • Empowering, Limiting or Conflicting Beliefs

    • Age Regression to Positive - Spiritual Strength

  • 5

    Part 2: Discover Attached Spirits

    • Discover Attached Spirits

    • Discover Attached Spirits - Body Scan

    • Inviting Our Spirit Guides

    • Identify The Types Of Attached Spirits

    • Release Earthbound Spirits - Simplest Version

    • Audio Program 1) Contact Spirit Guides About Spirit Attachments

    • Assignment 2; First Session of SRT

  • 6

    Module 3 - Earthbound Spirits, Session Two

    • Part 1: Age Regression To Cause; Client Interview & Pre-Talk 2

    • Regression to Neutral - Childhood Friend

    • Regression - Causative Event

    • Abreaction Management

    • Abreaction Management - Step Back

    • Protection

    • Protection Tools

  • 7

    Part 2: Earthbound Spirits (EBs)

    • Discover Attached Spirits 2

    • Interview Earthbound Spirits 1

    • Release Earthbound Spirits - Complex Versions

    • Earthbound Spirits - Reasons For Attachment

    • Interview Earthbound Spirits 2

    • Regress EBs - Script

    • Brief Therapy, Wrap, Emerge

  • 8

    Part 3: Case Study

  • 9

    Module 4 - Dark Force Entities, Session Three

    • Client Interview & Pre-Talk 2

    • SRT Re-Entry

    • EBs with nested DFEs (Dark Force Entities)

    • Identifying Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

    • Understanding Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

    • Engage DFEs in Discussion

    • How DFEs Attach To Humans

    • Regress To The Cause Of DFE Attachment

    • Release The DFE Attachment - Client or EB

    • DFEs - Immediate Releasement

    • Rescue Spirits of Light. Three Deceptions.

    • DFEs Find Their Inner Light

    • Audio Program 3) Release Dark Entities Or Dark Spirit Attachments

  • 10

    Part 2: Therapy

    • Therapy. Guided Imagery Of Light.

    • Ongoing Therapy

    • Audio Program 4) Therapy After Spirit Releasement

    • Audio Script Download

    • Reframe, Wrap, Emerge

  • 11

    Part 3: Case Studies

  • 12

    Bonus Module 5 - Extraterrestrials (ETs)

    • ETs Introduction

    • Extraterrestrials (ETs)

    • Release ETs: Spiritual Evolvers

    • Release ETs: Information Gatherers

    • Release ETs: Disrupters

    • ETs: Formal Releasement

    • Final Words

Certified Therapist Qualification

Sample of the PLAI certificate that comes with this course

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