This Course Includes

  • Professional Certificate; "Certified Spirit Releasement Therapist, SRT". Issued by the 'Past Life Awakening Institute' (PLAI). Accredited by the 'International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine' (IPHM).

  • Professional Certificate; "Certified Clinical Hypnotist, CH". Issued by the 'Past Life Awakening Institute'. Accredited by the IPHM.

  • 4 video calls of 1 hour, totaling 4 hours.

  • 9 hours on-demand video.

  • 4 audio downloads of spirit releasement therapy sessions.

  • A Manual; 103 pages

  • 4 Script-books; 2, 11, 10 & 11 pages.

  • 4 Assignments based on case studies; 9, 7, 7 & 7 pages.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • 36 hour total time commitment over 1 to 3 months

Accredited Certification Training

  • Premium Professional Training; this course offers in-depth individual interaction, and requires completing substantial assignments. This earn professional therapist certificates from the Past Life Awakening Institute, accredited by IPMH. You are then eligible to apply for practitioner insurance, and be eligible to join the IPHM as a certified Holistic Therapist.

  • Assignments; are the key to certification, based on your case studies of taking clients through a three session spirit releasement therapy program. The assignments are fun, and achievable by anyone who is prepared to take action.

  • Video calls; 4 calls of 1 hour, totaling 4 hours are included to support you with the curriculum, assess and discuss the assignments, and assist with your active client case studies. The calls are relaxed and fun, to help bring out your best.

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Welcome to the Course


Prospectus & Intake Form

Accredited Therapist Certification

The Past Life Awakening Institute is accredited as a training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) to certify students as a "Certified Spirit Releasement Therapist, SRT". This means;

a) As a training provider we meet the requirements and regulations of an independent, worldwide association of healthcare professionals.

b) Your certificate includes the logo of the Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI), and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

c) Insurance companies recognised your qualification from this course. You can apply for Professional Insurance.

Course Structure

A complete process outlined in 4 modules, to take your clients through a program of 3 SRT sessions.

  • Module One: Preparation & Client Interview

  • Understand the therapeutic context and principles of Spirit Releasement Therapy. Learn how to prepare your clients for SRT sessions, from the client interviews, to giving pre-talks, setting expectations and dealing with FAQs. Prepare yourself to be an SRT professional.

  • Module 2: Session 1 - Discover Attachments

  • Use clinical hypnosis and age regression to access positive resources of spiritual strength. Discover attached spirits with a body scan, invite your spirit guides, identify the types of attached spirits, and release the simplest form of Earthbound spirits.

  • Module 3: Session 2 - Earthbound Spirits (EBs)

  • Do Age Regression to the cause; a) regress your client to the moments and cause of EB attachment, b) regress the EB to the moments and cause of attachment to your client. Use that interview to secure releasement for complex versions, and provide therapeutic antidotes to future attachments.

  • Module 4: Session 3 - Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

  • Differentiate between EBs, EBs with nested DFEs, and DFEs. Manage communication and interview DFEs. Regress the client and DFE to the cause and moments of attachment.

  • Learn how to deal with confused or hostile entities with calm, clarity, confidence and peace, so you can negotiate a releasement that remains compassionate to all beings, referencing the Three Deceptions and the Rescue Spirits of Light. Apply Ongoing Therapy.

  • Bonus Module: Extraterrestrials (ETs); Connect with and possibly release ET device attachments.

Assignments - Case Studies

SRT Process

  • First Session; Hypnosis, Age Regression To Resources, Spirit Guides. Discover Attached Spirits. Initial Therapy.

  • Second Session; Earthbound Spirits. Age Regression To Cause. Interview EBs. Release EBs. Brief Therapy.

  • Third Session; Dark Force Entities. Identifying, understanding and engaging with DFEs. Regress to cause. Gain releasement. Rescue Spirits of Light. Ongoing therapeutic resolutions.

  • Major Case Study; to illustrate the whole process, with an expansive example based on the presenting issues of Relationships, leading to EBs, EBs with nested DFEs & DFEs.

  • Minor Case Studies; more cases to illustrate again the process and principles of a) simple EB releasement, b) distinctions between spirit(s) and your spirit guide, c) complex DFEs.

This is a Practical Guide for;

  • 1) Therapists to manage spontaneous spirit attachments that arise in their clients in sessions. This can occur during past life regression, hypnotherapy or many forms of spiritual healing like reiki and psychic sessions, or while doing psychic or mediumship work.

  • 2) Therapists to give intentional sessions for clients that bring spirits or spirit attachment as a primary presenting issue.

  • 3) Non-therapists to understand what is happening if they have spirit attachment issues, so they can do some simple releasement themselves, or seek out a therapist to help with a complex spirit releasement.

Is SRT For Me?

This course is most applicable to those working in past life regression, hypnosis or spiritual healing. Or to those who have already encountered some form of spirit influence in their clients.

  • Have you had unusual spiritual, emotional, verbal or physical reactions from clients, especially during hypnotherapy or past life regression sessions?

  • Have you had unusual reactions from clients, during your Reiki, Mediation, Energy or Spiritual Healing sessions?

  • Do you work with Spirit Guides and Angels, or work as a Psychic, Medium or Intuitive Empath? Has any ‘light work’ at times ever turned deceptive, grey or dark?

  • Have you had unusual inner spiritual experiences yourself in mediation, or while communicating with spirits that became uncomfortable?

  • Are you interested in connecting with the spiritual world for yourself or with others, and keen to learn how to do so responsibly, so you can manage anything that arises?

Course Highlights

This course can help you heal your clients, yourself and certain spirits. It gives skills to protect and avoid unhelpful situations. The course uses a few teaching styles and includes;

  • Identifying a range of spirits you can encounter in a therapeutic context, including Spirit Guides, Earthbound Spirits and Dark Force Entities (DFEs). We break down the subgroups of each spirit type.

  • We then apply the appropriate releasement techniques, including help from the Rescue Spirits of Lights, Archangel Michael and the Spirit Guide of the client and therapist.

  • The means of spirit communication is mainly through the voice of your client, as spirits speak to your client, or through your client. We cover therapy to heal the attachment, and ongoing therapy to go to the cause, and prevent future attachment.

  • Cases Studies; Major stories to illustrate the core techniques. Gives the big picture story of doing spirit releasement with a client from the start to finish, to bring it all together.

Course Curriculum

Watch the free preview videos

  • 2

    Part 2: Spirits

    • Origination of SRT

    • Spirits

    • Spirits Not Requiring Releasement

    • Spirits Requiring Releasement

    • The Car Metaphor

    • Spirit Communication

    • Case Study 1: Spirits Not Requiring Releasement

    • Case Study 2: Spirits Influence Therapists

    • Quiz 1: Introduction

  • 3

    Part 3: Session Preparation

    • Types Of SRT Session

    • Overview of Sessions

    • Why Do SRT - Indications and Issues

    • Client Interview

    • Interview Content

    • SRT Client Interview

    • Interview Assessment

    • Pre-Talk

    • Contra-indications For SRT Sessions

    • FAQ’s

    • Case Study 3: Guiding Spirits - Astral Projection

    • Assignment 1; Client Interview & SRT Preparation

  • 4

    Module Two - First Session of SRT - Part 1 Hypnosis

    • Spirit Guide & Set Intention

    • Age Regression to Neutral - Water

    • Empowering, Limiting or Conflicting Beliefs

    • Age Regression to Positive - Spiritual Strength

  • 5

    Part 2: Discover Attached Spirits

    • Discover Attached Spirits

    • Discover Attached Spirits - Body Scan

    • Inviting Our Spirit Guides

    • Identify The Types Of Attached Spirits

    • Release Earthbound Spirits - Simplest Version

    • Audio Program 1) Contact Spirit Guides About Spirit Attachments

    • Assignment 2; First Session of SRT

  • 6

    Module 3 - Earthbound Spirits, Session Two

    • Part 1: Age Regression To Cause; Client Interview & Pre-Talk 2

    • Regression to Neutral - Childhood Friend

    • Regression - Causative Event

    • Abreaction Management

    • Abreaction Management - Step Back

    • Protection

    • Protection Tools

  • 7

    Part 2: Earthbound Spirits (EBs)

    • Discover Attached Spirits 2

    • Interview Earthbound Spirits 1

    • Release Earthbound Spirits - Complex Versions

    • Earthbound Spirits - Reasons For Attachment

    • Interview Earthbound Spirits 2

    • Regress EBs - Script

    • Brief Therapy, Wrap, Emerge

  • 8

    Part 3: Case Study

  • 9

    Module 4 - Dark Force Entities, Session Three

    • Client Interview & Pre-Talk 2

    • SRT Re-Entry

    • EBs with nested DFEs (Dark Force Entities)

    • Identifying Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

    • Understanding Dark Force Entities (DFEs)

    • Engage DFEs in Discussion

    • How DFEs Attach To Humans

    • Regress To The Cause Of DFE Attachment

    • Release The DFE Attachment - Client or EB

    • DFEs - Immediate Releasement

    • Rescue Spirits of Light. Three Deceptions.

    • DFEs Find Their Inner Light

    • Audio Program 3) Release Dark Entities Or Dark Spirit Attachments

  • 10

    Part 2: Therapy

    • Therapy. Guided Imagery Of Light.

    • Ongoing Therapy

    • Audio Program 4) Therapy After Spirit Releasement

    • Audio Script Download

    • Reframe, Wrap, Emerge

  • 11

    Part 3: Case Studies

  • 12

    Bonus Module 5 - Extraterrestrials (ETs)

    • ETs Introduction

    • Extraterrestrials (ETs)

    • Release ETs: Spiritual Evolvers

    • Release ETs: Information Gatherers

    • Release ETs: Disrupters

    • ETs: Formal Releasement

    • Final Words

Instructor Bio

Mark Beale, Trainer & Mentor

In 1998 I awakened to the healing path aged 26, due to spiritual experiences while living in India studying meditation.

In 2006 I completed training in hypnotherapy and spiritual regression with Dr Sunny Satin of the California Hypnosis Institute of India in New Delhi, and became a full-time professional.

In 2012 I became an NGH trainer through Dr William Horton in Florida. I’ve lived, practiced and taught mainly in Asia for 20 years, specialising in past life regression, working in wellness resorts and my own practice. 

For more of my story in this life, see About. The extended story of my healers path in this and past lives illustrates my course, Past Lives For Healers.

Who This Course Is For

  • Therapists who want to understand and assist their clients with spontaneous, unexpected spirit attachment experiences that arise during sessions.

  • Therapists who want to help clients who bring spirits as a presenting issue for sessions, and provide a therapeutic resolution.

  • Therapists practicing past life regression, hypnotherapy or spiritual healing who want to be prepared for experiences that can occur during their sessions.

  • Therapists who already have SRT training, and want a refresher or a fresh perspective.

  • People with personal experience of communicating with spirits who find issues or questions arise, especially about spirit attachment or interference.

Requirements & Prerequisites

  • You could take it without prior training. Yet most students will have a background in therapy, hypnotherapy or spiritual healing, or have personal experience with spiritual entities.

  • Prerequisite Suggestion; My other courses “Hypnotherapy with Age Regression” and "Past Life Regression Therapy" are complementary, but not essential, as SRT can be triggered by many forms of spiritual healing, so your background in other modalities will be enough.

  • Post-Requisite Suggestion; My other course "Life Between Lives Therapy” is a useful modality to access layers of spiritual wisdom in the form of Soul Groups and the Soul Council.

Prerequisites Bundle


Lidia Claudia Berestecki

Review from Udemy

Thank you, Mark! This was such an enlightening experience for me. It gave me the tools that have been missing from my connectivity with spirits through my energy work, my ministry, as well as my dozen years' as a paranormal investigator. This should definitely be a required addendum to Reiki training. Off to the next "Mark" course.

Nazama Shalhamadabar Yasharal

Review from Udemy

The course itself was very thorough, yet easy to grasp, very systematic, yet also very engaging. I especially appreciated that the instructor took the time to respond to the student queries in depth in the Q & A section of the course. He also was very timely and expounded efficiently in messenger. Thank you Mr. Mark Beale for your sharing your knowledge and for your valuable time.

G. Ozkan

Review from Udemy

The reason I chose this course is that I witnessed spirit releasement and I wanted to apply it in my hypnosis sessions to help my clients but also to be prepared for such cases. Every word Mark spelled out resonates with my beliefs (it doesn't have to resonate for you to learn) and all the spiritual knowledge I gathered up until now in my life from many resources. Mark explains what to do and why to do so, very well, and how to handle different kind of clients from different backgrounds. Videos, documents, and presentations are prepared professionally. Mark, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.

Vinay Choudhary

Udemy Review

I have done these spirit releasement sessions earlier and the detailed knowledge provided in the course will help me a lot during my further sessions an good point is that it is applicable to all religion and faith.

Sanne Steers

Review from Udemy

This course is really helpful when you are a naturopath and people with severe trauma related psychological problems come to your practice for help. The calm talking in his video lectures make the heavy stuff you get to learn nearly easy to digest. It makes it easier to distinguish between clients you have to send back to their GP in order to get a referral for psychological help, and those who can be helped with the knowledge from this course. So this course can lessen the anxiousness for getting heavy burdened clients in your practice.

Lida Hajiesmaeili

Light-worker & Reiki Master

As a lightworker, and a master of Reiki and positive energies, getting help from the Army of Light was a familiar way, but the tips that were discussed in each subject added to my insights. Finally, in the topic of ET, using special light and colors besides the other information greatly added to my supernatural knowledge. I am very happy and satisfied to get this course, everything was classified perfectly. God bless you and I wish you balance and health.

David Cooze

Review from Udemy

Very thorough! Mark clearly presents an effective approach for working with various types of spirit attachment, within a therapy context. With explanation of the various types of spirits and situations one may encounter, along with how best to engage with these so the client can resolve their issues. All this is supported by explanation, example scripts and case studies. Approaching the subject in a manner that is free from religious interpretation, yet safe and empowering for the individual. Well put together, happy to recommend.

Julia Muensterer

Review from Udemy

Amazing. Love this course - so helpful. Getting my MA in clinical psychotherapy and becoming a shamanic reiki master so this applies to it all. I've always been curious. Merging the knowledge I already had + my experiences, with this course, makes me feel like I have more to back me up when the time comes. Would recommend!

Certified Therapist Qualification

Sample of the PLAI certificate that comes with this course

Premium & Foundation Options

Premium Interactive Certification Training vs. Foundation Online Videos

  • This Premium Course is a version of the Foundation Course, that has no written assignments, and minimal interaction and a "Certificate of Completion”.

  • This Premium Course does include many of videos from the Foundation Course "Spirit Releasement Therapy". The major distinction is the assignments, case studies and 2 hours of interactive video-calls that allow earning a professional certification. There are also many new videos - to take SRT from a 1 session to a 3 session process.

  • That Foundation Course is popular amongst those who already have many certifications, likely have prior experience with hypnosis, and are already experienced practicing therapists.

  • This Premium Course is popular amongst those who want to gain professional certifications. You may be starting out, brushing up or gearing up to go to the next level. Our interaction can help to fully access your abilities and remove any blocks, so you can become a practicing, or enhanced, PLRT professional.

  • The Basic Course is available on Udemy, where you can see the reviews and ratings, by following the button below. On Udemy, it comes only with a "Udemy Certificate of Completion". Here at PLAI, we always has the best price.

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