• Between Lives Regression; get more insights into Past Life & This Life issues with your Spirit Guide, Soul Groups and Soul Council.

  • A program of two sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each, once a week.

  • Prerequisites; substantial Past Life Regression or QHHT sessions.

  • Via Zoom online video-calls, using headphones with an attached microphone.

BLR Sessions - Methodology

  • Initial Interview: Assess Between Lives Regression (BLR)

  • Discuss your Intake Form, with details of your past life events and lessons so far, and present life focal issues.

  • Session One: Past Life & Between Lives Regression 1

  • Enter a new of known past life, to get narrative and death to enter into Between Lives. Explore in-depth with one or two of the i) Spirit Guide, ii) Soul Group and iii) Soul Council.

  • Session Two: Regression To Causative Events

  • Assess This Life effects. Continue Between Lives in-depth work with the remaining Spirit Guide, Soul Group and / or Soul Council. Complete therapeutic resolutions with transcendent wisdom.

Mark Beale, Between Lives Regression Therapist

I've been a full time Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression specialist since 2006. 

I've been a teacher since 2012, via the National Guild of Hypnotists, and Dr Will Horton in Florida.

Udemy; my courses have 15,000 students and 2,500 reviews.

Youtube; "Past Life Awakening Institute".

My "Past Life Awakening Institute Podcast" on Spotify and All Other Podcast Platforms 

For more, see About.

Testimonials - For Sessions

A psychiatrist and a psychologist talks about their experiences with Mark and past lives.

Between Lives

Shibani R., Educator, India

I was full of anticipation, and the sessions that followed didn't disappoint – the phrase 'life-changing' is used far too often, but in my case it was completely accurate. I ended up releasing negative energies that were holding me back, visiting past lives and soul groups, and reaching a much more aware and evolved state of mind and life than I ever had before.

D.A. -- Journalist

"Thank you, for helping me through the most difficult phase of my life. It has been the most wonderful experience of my life and I feel completely renewed and feels like a rebirth, with a completely new outlook for what I went through and also the future."

A.D. -- Fashion Designer

"I’m still amazed at what came up in the 3rd and 4th sessions, and thrilled with the lasting effects. I will keep in touch with you and keep you posted on the developments in my life. I would like to come and do a session later in the year, if its ok... just to be rejuvenated. You are really doing a great job of helping people through their difficult times and painful moments. Thanks so much. Take care."

Satish S - Wellness Consultant

Chennai & New York

"I referred a housewife and librarian in her fifties to Mark for weight loss who was also experiencing In the final phase, her guided her through a series of past & between life regression sessions that continued to deepen her sense of self-acceptance, understanding and peace."

Complementary Modalities

  • Other modalities may be required before or recommended after BLR.

  • The Initial Interview will assess if prerequisite sessions are needed before starting BLR. During or after BLR, we may related modalities are recommended..

  • 1) Hypnotherapy; for a complex interweaving present life issues.

  • 2) Past Life Regression; for incomplete prior past lives work.

  • 3) Spirit Releasement Therapy; if spiritual entities turn out to involve attachments.


  • Can I have sessions online?

    Yes. The world has changed. It is unlikely your town or city as a world class practitioner and teacher in PLR, let alone in SRT. Online Zoom sessions now make the most experienced and skilled available to those with basic internet skills.

  • I've not had success with PLR before. Can it work for me?

    I often work with people who had 'not had success before', with audio recordings, Youtube or with an interactive therapist. Past results are not an indication of future outcomes, when things are done differently and better by a specialist expert. Even those that think they had 'past success' go from 'some pictures' to 'a complete narrative and felt therapeutic resolution'.

How To Apply For Sessions

  • $300.00

    $300.00Between Lives Regression Therapy - 2 Online Sessions

    Between Lives Regression - Two Sessions Program, online via Zoom
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  • $150.00

    $150.00Additional Spiritual Regression Sessions

    Only sessions in addition to the initial 3 sessions of Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy or Spirit Releasement Therapy or 2 sessions of Between Lives Regression.
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