Between Lives Regression Therapy BLRT

  • Between Lives Regression; get more insights into Past Life & This Life issues with your Spirit Guide, Soul Groups and Soul Council.

  • A program of two sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each, once a week.

  • Prerequisites; substantial Past Life Regression or QHHT sessions.

  • Via Zoom online video-calls, using headphones with an attached microphone.

Starting Sessions Process

Sessions Process

  • Initial Interview: Assess Between Lives Regression (BLR)

  • Discuss your Intake Form, with details of your past life events and lessons so far, and present life focal issues.

  • Session One: Past Life & Between Lives Regression 1

  • Enter a new of known past life, to get narrative and death to enter into Between Lives. Explore in-depth with one or two of the i) Spirit Guide, ii) Soul Group and iii) Soul Council.

  • Session Two: Regression To Causative Events

  • Assess This Life effects. Continue Between Lives in-depth work with the remaining Spirit Guide, Soul Group and / or Soul Council. Complete therapeutic resolutions with transcendent wisdom.

Complementary Modalities

  • Other modalities may be required before or recommended after BLR.

  • The Initial Interview will assess if prerequisite sessions are needed before starting BLR. During or after BLR, we may related modalities are recommended..

  • 1) Hypnotherapy; for a complex interweaving present life issues.

  • 2) Past Life Regression; for incomplete prior past lives work.

  • 3) Spirit Releasement Therapy; if spiritual entities turn out to involve attachments.

Mark Beale, Between Lives Regression Therapist

I've been a full time Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression specialist since 2006. 

I've been a teacher since 2012, via the National Guild of Hypnotists, and Dr Will Horton in Florida.

Udemy; my courses have 15,000 students and 2,500 reviews.

Youtube; "Past Life Awakening Institute".

My "Past Life Awakening Institute Podcast" on Spotify and All Other Podcast Platforms 

For more, see About.

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    $350.00Between Lives Regression Therapy - 2 Online Sessions

    Between Lives Regression - Two Sessions Program, online via Zoom
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  • $150.00

    $150.00Additional Spiritual Regression Sessions

    Only sessions in addition to the initial 3 sessions of Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy or Spirit Releasement Therapy or 2 sessions of Between Lives Regression.
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