From Certified To Seasoned Professional

I help healers, by teaching a great method, and mentoring them through dozens of sessions, to gain skills and avoid pitfalls, to become a successful Past Life Hypnotherapist.

  • Four Certifications

    Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Between Lives Therapist.

  • Video Training

    Videos explain the methods and manuals. Script-books guide the sessions.

  • Give Sessions

    Give real sessions to real clients. Apply the methods. The majority of the training is practical action.

  • Assignments

    Write up your sessions to review, preview and bring to mentoring calls.

  • Mentoring

    1:1 Zoom calls with Mark. 12 calls of 90 minutes. Examine your assignments.

  • Session Swaps

    Optional; Fellow students give practice partners, community, personal experience.

Past Life Therapist Training

Complete Accredited Mentored Training for Professional Healers

A Real Accredited Qualification & Career

What will this training qualify me to do? You will be qualified to practice as Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Past Life Regression Therapist.

Who is this training accredited by? The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), a UK based accreditor, accepted worldwide, including the USA.

Can I get insurance? Yes, our qualification is recognized by many insurance companies worldwide, and qualifies you for Professional Indemnity Insurance.

I'm in the UK, EU, USA. Will I really be qualified to practice here? Yes, regulations in most countries and states allows for these therapies. There are only the prerequisites to study, and ethical limitations in terms of practice.

Mark Beale, Trainer & Mentor

I have lived and breathed regression therapies as my only work and income for 17 years as a therapist, and 11 years as a trainer and mentor. I've worked with thousands of people from over 60 countries, from all walks of life.

My aim to to elicit your superconscious inner wisdom, and provide an extraordinary return on your investment.

Read; about my healers path, and our accreditation, at About.

Watch; the video below for a story and insights about going professional...

  • Do you lack the confidence with some clients, some issues, or to charge fully?

  • Deep competence is what really develops confidence.

  • Do 7/10 of your sessions go fine - but 3/10, honestly, could be better?

  • Just 'good' healers don't survive. Mentoring focuses on fixing problem areas.

  • Do you have difficult clients, not enough clients or not enough referrals?

  • Strong consistent word of mouth makes, or breaks, a healing practice.

  • Do you worry about your long term financial ability to stay in the profession?

  • Investing in your skills leads many more people to invest in you.

  • Do you feel stuck in your modality? Even if it's a golden cage?

  • Genuine alternative, additions or complementary modalities do exist.

  • Are you concerned how new modalities might affect you current practice?

  • Expert helps avoids going through 'growing pains' of learning on the job.

  • If things get uncomfortable, do you revert to what you already know?

  • Rewarding growth comes on the other side of the comfort zone.

  • Do you worry about your long term mental ability to stay in your modality?

  • A change can be as good as a break, and revitalize your whole practice.

  • 1) The Manual and Script-Book; to give clear proven methods.

  • Never feel lost, over-whelmed or uncertain on what to do.

  • 2) The Teacher and Mentor; to ensure you deeply follow the methods.

  • He sees; Things you're doing, but shouldn't. Things you're not doing, but should.

  • 3) The Community; to receive / give sessions with skilled people like yourself.

  • Heal and educate yourself with help and camaraderie from fellow students.

  • 1) What To Do; Watch videos, study the curriculum. 35 hours.

  • 2) Do It; Give Sessions - 12 clients x 3 sessions = 36 sessions. 51 hours.

  • 3) Review It; Written assignments on how you applied the methods. 36 hours.

  • 4) Mentoring 1:1 prepare for and learn from your sessions. 18 hours.

  • 24 week program with a total of 140 Hours.

Earn While You Learn

As an experienced healer, you will give value to your clients, even as you complete the assignments.

  • Advanced training is very practical. The method is very effective. You are experienced. You will provide real value.

  • 24 sessions you give as part of the training can be paid. Even at $100 per session, the course more than pays for itself.

  • You may think now, that as a student, your sessions will not be valuable. But by the end, you realize they were. I am here to tell you that now, and ensure it with my mentoring.

  • We do regress people to the cause of their issues. We don't dictate that the cause can only be in a past life and not in this life. Significant this life causes are common, and should be acknowledged and expertly handled.

  • Past life resolutions often get into the realm of past lives. My students learn how to take this opportunity, and make full use of it, to create a very valuable phase, that clients should not have to do without.

Four Certifications: The Complete Past Life Therapist

  • Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

    Hypnosis lets you regress to causative events, in past lives, or the present life. When regressing to the Past Lives, don't exclude the past in This Life.

  • Past Life Regression

    It's not just 'who you were'. There's a complete narrative, with a beginning, middle and end, that can be accessed over the course of multiple sessions.

  • Between Lives Regression

    Spiritually orientated issues benefit from the transcendent perspective offered in the realm beyond space and time, found Between Lives.

Clinical Hypnotist

5 hours of video. 2 assignments covering giving 2 sessions to 3 clients. 2 mentoring calls. Time requirement; 20 hours over 4 weeks.

  • Pre-talks. Suggestibility tests. The subconscious mind.

  • Progressive, rapid and instant hypnotic inductions.

  • Deepening, and initial this life and past life regressions.

Clinical Hypnosis is the basis for spiritual regression therapies.

Watch this first video of the Clinical Hypnotist course.

See the full Clinical Hypnotist Curriculum.

Certified Hypnotherapist

5 hours of video. 4 assignments covering giving 3 sessions to 3 clients. 4 mentoring calls. Time requirement; 41 hours over 8 weeks.

  • Preparation; Client Intake Form and Interview.

  • Session 1; Regression to positive resources.

  • Session 2; Regression to causative emotions & events.

  • Session 3; Key people and therapeutic resolutions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy with This Life regression is key to great Past Life regression.

Watch this first video of the Hypnotherapy course.

See the full Hypnotherapy Curriculum.

Past Life Regression Therapist

19 hours of video. 4 assignments covering giving 3 sessions to 3 clients. 4 mentoring calls. Time requirement; 55 hours over 8 weeks.

  • Preparation; Intake, assessment, pre-talk, context.

  • Session 1; Initial This Life & Past Life Regression.

  • Session 2; Full narrative of past lives and themes.

  • Session 3; Therapeutic resolutions.

Past Life Regression Therapy is the core, supported by the other modalities.

Watch this first video of the Past Life Regression course.

See the full Past Life Regression Curriculum.

Between Lives Regression Therapist

6 hours of video. 2 assignments covering giving 2 sessions to 3 clients. 2 mentoring calls. Time requirement; 27 hours over 4 weeks.

  • Preparation; Regressions to past lives and past deaths.

  • Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Life Reviews.

  • Soul Groups; to review key people.

  • Soul Council: review past choices and learn lessons.

Between Lives Regression is a great way to conclude spiritual regression sessions.

Watch this first video of the Between Lives Regression course. 

See the full Between Lives Regression Curriculum.

Session Swaps & Pairs Practice

Our community of students is an important pillar of the learning experience.

Giving Sessions; You need to have mainly your own clients to work with. But sessions swaps can give you an extra person/s or issue type to work with, to help complete your assignments.

Receiving Sessions; lets you experiencing the modalities yourself, and heal the healer of any residues of blocks to fully being a professional.

The training entry criteria, mentoring and Mark's direction in making matches means you will work with talented, well trained students. See the Graduates.

Testimonials - For Certification Training

Hear graduates of the advanced mentoring course speak about their experiences.

Avani Patel: Past Life Therapist. Chicago, USA. BA in Psychology. Eternal Alchemists

"Before working with Mark, I tried to learn Past Life Regression on my own and had difficulty understanding the methodology. After starting Mark’s certification program, I began to understand what was necessary to get results for my clients. The videos let me to go at my own pace and gave me enough information for a conceptual understanding. 

Then with Mark's guidance, support and structure, I learned different skills and techniques that best served my clients. With the combination of the coursework and our one on one sessions, I was quickly able to see great outcomes with the clients I worked with. 

Mark is a very experienced and competent teacher who truly knows how to create a program that will help his students succeed. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to take the next step into the rewarding path of becoming a competent hypnotherapist."

Pattie Belle Hastings; Past Life Regression Therapist. Connecticut, USA. Professor in Media & Design. Website. Youtube.

"Mark is a brilliant teacher, and the courses are beautifully designed. I have taken many online courses of various kinds and none have been as thorough and well-designed as Mark Beale's PLAI.

I have learned so much. I've had immediate results in my sessions. I am thrilled with his way of connecting to me the student; his building of my skills and confidence step-by-step; and the support he provides in his detailed responses to our calls."

Benoît Penneçot:  Past Lives, Between Lives, Spirit Releasement. QHHT. Introspective Hypnosis. Lumi-Naissant.

"Mark Beale knows how to share his knowledge and wisdom. Videos, audio files, textbooks and exchange with the teacher. The feeling is to have accomplished a serious and comprehensive training you can be proud of and confident enough to practice the best way possible.

It's an amazing resource to get all the help and structure one needs to feel confident and to know what to do. Being tutored and supervised through your client's session is also very reassuring."

Simon Bown; Past Life Regression Therapist, and Host of the Past Lives Podcast.

"Mark has put together a great course teaching a very effective method of Past Life Regression Therapy. The teaching videos are excellent and the mentoring calls with Mark are always very insightful.”

Listen to Simon interview Mark on the Past Lives Podcast.

Ursa Young; Hypnotherapist, CHt. Msc in Psychology.
Ljubljana, Slovenia & Online.

As a psychologist and a yoga teacher, I have always been fascinated with the depths of our psyche and believed in the healing beauty of our soul. On my journey though, I sometimes felt like a bit of a lone wolf, and was looking for my tribe for quite a while. With Mark Beale's loving wise guidance and his students I have had the pleasure to work with, I feel like I have found it.  

I would recommend his courses to anyone who feels the calling and is eager to master the skills to serve people better. If you are looking for a wise teacher and feel you could benefit from the support of a most generous tribe - look no further. 

I especially loved feeling supported and guided every step of the way. Mark is great at what he does. He offers cutting-edge tools for fast transformation. Having a wise, insightful, generous mentor like him is a true blessing.

I love how the clarity of the three session structures for resolving subconscious blockages and bringing out the best out of your clients, by accessing their Higher self and own Soul's wisdom.

As a therapist, I feel the course sharpened my tools. It gave me clarity and more confidence that was immediately followed by even faster and more powerful results of my clients, and being able to better monetize my mission. Thank you, Mark, I feel truly blessed and grateful for the experience, and loved every step of the way!

Amanda Herr

Past Life Regression Therapist

This course has been such a wonderful curriculum to learn from. Not only do the videos go in depth, but there is also a manual to read along with and calls to along with each assignment. I really feel this course hit all the key points that must be hit when learning something new. I truly feel ready to assist others through the use of hypnosis. This course was very enjoyable. The techniques all come together and allows us to really put it into practice. I'm very hands-on person when it comes to learning so this was perfect!

Karen van Kriedt

Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, SRT

Mark Beale is a master Hypnotherapist and mentor / trainer. My private sessions with him have been powerful and transformative. The training I've received in his program has been a sublime balance of direction and trust. With Mark, it's not just win-win, it's win-win-win-win-win -- failure leads to success, judgment grows up and becomes good judgment, competition dies on the vine. I thank my lucky stars that I found my way to Mark and his teachings.

Della Cobb


Before I took this course, I kept seeing a invisible wall stopping me from realizing my true self as a healer. This course helped me realize what was causing the wall and I was able to visualize it and walk past it. Mark is an insightful and caring teacher.

PLAI Certified Therapist Graduates

Dr Haile Michaelson: Past Life Regression Therapist
British Columbia, Canada. BAPsych, ND(ret), CHT. Intuitive Hypnotherapist
I work primarily with anxiety, depression, trauma, binge eating, chronic dieting, bulimia and PTSD. I train Intuitive Life Coaches with my school SoulStrong.

Cynthia Renee Meeks: Past Lives & Between Lives Therapist
Dallas, Texas, USA & Online. Metaphysics. Numerologist.
It’s my mission to help people see their true potential that exists within them.
Youtube Spiritual Guidance Channel

Marlene Kriston: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist
Northboro, Massachusetts, USA & Online
Marlene is an energy intuitive and practices heart light connection who helps clients discover the root cause of their issue, reconnecting them to their soul’s purpose.

Myagmarjargal (Meg) Purev: Past Life Regression Therapist
Fukuoka, Japan & Mongolia & Online.
Psychologist. University Lecturer.
Meg's practice encompasses many areas or spiritual regression, alongside her work as a psychologist. Her own detailed past life regression is on video in the course Past Life Regression Demonstrated.

See more Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI) Graduates.

The Conventional Healer

You can develop your spiritual skills to increase your offerings, your income and your ability to help your clients.

  • Are you a psychologist or coach? Are your clients more science based?

  • Yet you have an interest in, and see a need for, spiritual modalities?

  • Learn how to better deal with the spiritual, with a grounded clear methodology, that's effective, and does not compromise your existing practice.

The Spiritual Healer

You can develop your technical therapeutic tools to increase your offerings, yet still practice therapies based on spiritual wisdom.

  • Are you a QHHT or holistic therapy practitioner, hypnotherapist or past life regression graduate?

  • Do you see needs in your clients, and limitations in your current modality or (despite your talent) in your skill level?

  • Your training and experience levels have grown. They are now the prerequisites for advanced training. Keep growing, with next level mentored training.


PLAI students are often QHHT graduates. They can offer their clients the choice of QHHT or PLAI style sessions. Compare the styles of "P" PLAI & "Q" QHHT;

  • Sessions can be done In-Person and Online.

  • Sessions can only be done In-Person.

  • Sessions cover This Life, Past Lives & Between Lives.

  • Sessions cover Past Lives.

  • 3-5 sessions of 90 minutes, once per week. See progress.

  • 1-off session of 4-5 hours.

  • Charging; encouraged during training.

  • Charging; discouraged for 6-12 months / 25 sessions.

  • 18 hours personal 1:1 Zoom mentoring with an expert.

  • Community forums.

Elizabeth Austin-Benard is a QHHT Practitioner, and a Hypnotherapist, Past Life & Between Lives Therapist with the PLAI. She has an MBA and Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown University. Double Eagle Hypnotherapy

Elizabeth discusses QHHT, and adding becoming a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Therapist, to benefit herself as a therapist, and her clients. She sees PLAI training as a 'next step' and 'graduate school' for QHHT Practitioners.

  • Are their Prerequisites? Do I qualify?

    Most students have; a) an existing healing certification, b) some practical experience as a healer, c) access to willing paid clients. Talented people with transferable skills and a strong calling may also be able to complete the training. Send an Intake Form to apply.

  • Why should I train with you?

    Most schools offer training, in-person or online, that tells you what to do. But if there is any follow up at all, it's often limited to general facebook groups, email or general discussion. My mentoring takes you through the process, And very detailed guidance, each step of the way, of giving 24 real sessions to your paid clients.

  • Can we really train online, and give sessions online?

    Yes. The world has changed. Some teachers and therapists have their reasons for saying otherwise, but that is the way of the past, not of the future. Online training is now here, to help you do online sessions. (Most of my advanced students have some in-person training in their past. That's enough.)

  • I am already certified in some of these modalities.

    The methods I teach are very specific and interwoven across the four modalities I teach. For most, their past experiences help qualify them to take this advanced teaching, rather than make redundant. Excellent practitioners tend to study many methods, rather than stick to one. An empty cup can be rewarded by a very different and effective new way.

  • I'm not sure if I want to train with you, and invest.

    I'm not sure if you are a match for training. I am not asking you to invest now. The next step is an Intake Form, and a 45 minute call. We both need to be on the same page, and be sure that we can have great success and fun along the way. You do not have enough information for a final decision by reading this page. We must have a real people call first.

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  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • $1,900.00

    $1,900.00Past Life Regression - Therapist Professional

    Become a Certified 1) Hypnotist 2) Hypnotherapist 3) Past Life Regression Therapist 4) Between Lives Regression Therapist.
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  • $400.00

    $400.00Installments; PLRT Professional

    Buy 'Past Life Therapist Professional' in four installments of $400.
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