What You'll Learn

  • See how to implement the Hypnotherapy curriculum with clients.

  • See how to adapt Hypnotherapy to Zoom / Online video calls.

  • See hypnotic inductions done over Zoom or online video calls.

  • Feel confident to do Hypnotherapy by seeing how to do it, and that it works.

  • See 9 hours of three sessions and full interviews.

Welcome to The Course - Introduction

This Course Includes

  • Certificate of Completion; from the Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI).

  • 9 hours + on-demand video.

  • 1 Demonstration Subjects doing 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy.

  • Manual, 16 pages. Script-book, 26 pages. Intake Form, 2 pages.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Course Description

Course Description

This course Hypnotherapy Demonstrated is a companion to my other course, Hypnotherapy with Age Regression - which you should get and go through first. It's also useful to have a basis in Hypnosis, that you can get from my course Clinical Hypnosis.

"Hypnotherapy with Age Regression" tells you what to do, and explains the process.

"Hypnotherapy Demonstrated" shows you how to do it, illustrating the process.

This course includes and uses every paragraph of the Hypnotherapy with Age Regression Script-Book to illustrate how to implement this process, and show you typical reactions you will or should get.

Online Sessions; The demonstrations are from online Zoom PLR sessions. The therapeutic principles still apply exactly to in-person sessions.

The course comes with downloadable resources which are;

1) The Manual; covers 

a) the preparation & technical details to do hypnotherapy sessions online.

b) the Intake Forms & Emails from the demonstration subject. 

2) The Intake Form; is 

a) a template you can use to send to your prospective hypnotherapy clients.

b) the basis of the demonstration case study.

3) The Script-Book; This course demonstrates how the Manual and Script-Book of the companion course "Clinical Hypnotherapy" is put into practice. It has minor additions, including some online induction, and 

a) some online inductions.

b) some initial regressions from the Clinical Hypnosis course.

The goal of this course; is for you to take what you learned in Hypnotherapy with Age Regression and now grasp the subtleties so that you double your understanding of the curriculum, and double your confidence to implement it yourself, in-person and via online sessions.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Client Intake Form & Interview

  • 3

    First Session - Positive Reconnect

    • Interview Preparation - Modality & Issue

    • Interview Recap Past, Now & Outcomes

    • Interview with Conversational Hypnosis

    • Hypnosis

    • Suggestion with Visualisation

    • Regression - Water

    • Regression - Success

    • Regression - Relevant Resource

    • Post Session Interview

  • 4

    Second Session - Negative Disconnect

    • Catch-up Interview

    • Additional Information Interview

    • Hypnosis

    • Regression - Childhood Friend

    • Wise Adult

    • Regression - Access Key Emotions

    • Regression - Initial Time

    • Regression - Significant Time

    • Review The Scenes

    • Replay The Scenes

    • Release Emotions & Beliefs

    • Post Session Interview

  • 5

    Third Session - Therapeutic Resolutions

    • Interview - Dealing with Issues Between Sessions

    • Interview - Preparing For Person 1

    • Interview - Preparing For Person 2

    • Hypnosis

    • Suggestion Recap

    • Deal With Emotions - Fear & Anger

    • Regression - Person 1, Sadness, Pain & Compassion

    • Forgiveness

    • Cord Cutting

    • Future Progression

    • Wrap Session

    • Post Sessions Interview

  • 6


    • Application Example - Relationships

    • Final Words

The Demonstration Subject

Meet Cece, a Healer & Artist from Los Angeles

  • Cece moved to Los Angeles at 18, initially as a beach volleyball athlete, then a photographer involved in the LA music scene. She now works as a voice over artist and in hospitality including as a karaoke event host. She's lived in the Burbank and West Hollywood areas.

  • Cece is a Reiki Master Teacher. She has unresolved emotions and questions due to her mother, and a romantic relationship that ended in 2019.

  • Cece's initial view was to have Past Life Regression or Between Lives Regression to get spiritual answers to her questions. Upon discussion, we agreed that there were many ways we could refine questions, and can get answers initially from Clinical Hypnotherapy.

  • Cece's case study allows me to illustrate how to deal with many of the most common aspects of General Hypnotherapy. You'll see her work with emotional residues, limiting beliefs, relationships with self and other, and issues with a conventional and spiritual basis, that can be helped with hypnotic regression.

Requirements & Prerequisites

  • You could take it without prior training. Yet most students will have a background in therapy, hypnotherapy or spiritual healing, or have personal experience with past lives.

  • Prerequisite Recommendation; The Companion Course “Hypnotherapy with Age Regression". This course illustrates the techniques explained in that course. Also "Clinical Hypnosis" .

Course Structure & Hypnotherapy Process

  • Preparation; Client Interview, Pre-Talk, Setting Expectations.

  • Inductions; Hypnotic and Conversational. Online Inductions. Deepeners.

  • First Session; Regression to numerous positive resources.

  • Second Session; Regression to causative emotions and events. Help the inner child with the wise adult. Initial healing by reviewing and rewriting past events.

  • Third Session; Deal With Emotions; Fear & Anger, Sadness & Pain. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. Cord Cutting. Future Progression.

Who This Course Is For

  • People with a general interest in hypnotherapy who want to see real sessions, implementing a complete therapeutic process based on scripts and insights.

  • Hypnotherapy students who want to gain skills and confidence by seeing how it is done at a high and complete level.

  • QHHT practitioners who can learn how This Life influences are important when dealing with seemingly Past Life presenting issues..

  • Therapists who want a refresher or a fresh perspective by watching a full time professional.

Certificate of Completion

Sample of the PLAI certificate that comes with this course

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