Discover Spiritual Regression Modalities

Learn how to use hypnosis as a basis to regress people to causative issues in this life, past lives and provide spiritual therapeutic resolutions.

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    These are the same highly rated, best selling courses from Udemy, but in a great value bundle.

  • Eleven Certifications

    These courses come with the Past Life Awakening Institute "Certificate of Completion".

  • Video Training

    Videos explain the methods and manuals. Script-books let you put it into practice in sessions.

Video Course Collection

This sequence of interconnected modalities gives you the methodologies and principles to understand and apply spiritual regression therapies.

  • Clinical Hypnosis: Video; 3.5 hours. Manual; 72 pages.

  • Hypnotherapy: Video; 7.5 hours. Manual; 80 pages.

  • Hypnotherapy Demonstrated: Video; 9 hours. Manual; 46 pages.

  • Past Life Regression: Video; 7 hours. Manual; 108 pages.

  • PLR Demonstrated: Video; 7 hours. Manual; 39 pages.

  • Past Lives For Healers: Video; 5.5 hours. Manual; 58 pages.

  • Past Lives for Soulmates: Video; 6 hours. Manual; 72 pages.

  • NLP For Therapists: Video; 9.5 hours. Manual; 59 pages.

  • Spirit Releasement Therapy & SRT Demonstrated: Video; 6.5 & 5.5 hours. Manual; 88 & 150 pages.

  • Between Lives Regression: Video; 5.5 hours. Manual; 58 pages.

Past Life Awakening Institute Certificates

Video Courses Are For

  • Anyone with a general interest in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, past lives and spiritual regression.

  • People who are already graduates or therapists, and want a refresher or a fresh perspective.

  • People or healers wanting to understand these healing modalities, to implement them with their clients, and assess if they want to go further with professional level advanced training.

Video Courses vs Professional Training

A step beyond these Video Courses is offered

Video Courses
Get "Certificates of Completion". Become a "Certified Therapist".
Watch videos, to learn about therapies.
Watch videos, and give 36 sessions to your clients as assignments.

Get 18 hours of personal mentoring about the assignments.

Accredited by the IPHM. Get professional insurance.

Session Swaps; receive 8+ sessions from advanced fellow students.
Learn how to give sessions to clients.
Give advanced sessions to clients.
Discover spiritual regression therapies. Assess if you want to proceed.
Master spiritual regression therapies. Become a full-time professional.

Esther on Udemy

Past Life Regression Therapy

"Hi Mark! I did my first PLR session today. It was amazing! I followed your outline! After being a hypnotherapist since 2001, PLR got my client directly to the root cause of her issue even before I was done explaining the process and what is expected of her. My client informed me she has been in therapy for many years and this is the first time she was able to get such clarity. Thanks for creating this course and sharing your very valuable experience…"

Ekaterina, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist

Past Life Regression Therapy

I'm amazed with this course. I'm already conversational hypnotist myself. Just listening to the audio I was able to view some of my past lives and benefit from it. Thank you, Mark!

A.M. Pettry CHT

Clinical Hypnotherapist

“I have been involved in Hypnosis for more than 20 years, and Regressions for 15. I took this course kinda as a refresher. I was highly impressed with it's content, explanations, and insights. I Highly recommend this course for any looking or interested in Past Lives Regression! I truly feel it is an Excellent Course!”


Past Life Regression Therapy

"Curso muito bom. Com certeza recomendo a todos. Gratidão por todos os ensinamentos." ("Very good course. I sure recommend it to everyone. Gratitude for all the teachings.")

Elisa Ruiz

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers

Excellent Course. This course is very informative and helpful. I cannot believe it was a free course! I will definitely be investing in your other courses. Thank you!

Becca St. John

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers

Very powerful class. Clearly stated information with a manual to use as reference. In depth answers to all the how/what/whys of hypnotism. Amazingly concise ...

Shannon Flaherty

Hypnosis For Spiritual Awakening & Healers

Great foundation course. I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to get good basic understanding of hypnosis and how to use it and/or to experience hypnosis for yourself. Includes scripts so you can get started right away.

Raimundo Alves

Clinical Hypnosis

Very Good Teacher and Course! Best than many expensive payed courses, good videos, good explanations and clear voice and sound. Everything to learn Clinical Hypnosis for everyone. Thank you very much!

Anya Blakeley

Clinical Hypnosis

Most Amazing Online Course Ever! I learned so much from taking this course. Thank you for the step by step videos and the complete manuals. I am sure I will come back to them again and again. (I already am!) I look forward to the rest of the courses. Thank you, Mark.

Anya Blakeley

Hypnotherapy with Age Regression

Your courses are amazing! I am learning so much and each time I tune in, I learn more and more, gaining confidence, deepening my knowledge and gratitude about hypnosis and your teachings. Thank you, Mark, for your commitment to healing, teaching and mentoring.

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  • $100.00

    $100.00Past Life Regression - Video Bundle

    11 Certificate of Completion Courses in 1) Hypnosis, 2) Hypnotherapy, 3) Past Life Regression Therapy, 4,5) Hypnotherapy and PLR Demonstrated, 6) PLR For Healers, 7) Past Lives For Soulmates 8) NLP For Therapists, 9) Spirit Releasement Therapy, 10) SRT Advanced, 11) Between Lives Regression
  • $1,900.00

    $1,900.00Past Life Regression - Therapist Professional

    Advanced Training with Mentoring to become an Accredited Professional Therapist; 1) Clinical Hypnotist 2) Clinical Hypnotherapist 3) Past Life Regression Therapist 4) Between Lives Regression Therapist.
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