This Course Includes

  • Certificate of Completion; from the Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI), accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

  • 5.5 hours on-demand video.

  • 3 audio download spiritual regression sessions.

  • Manual, 58 pages. Case study workbook, 6 pages.

  • Past Life Regression. This Life Regression. Future Life Progression.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What You'll Learn

  • Get confidence to become a professional healer.

  • Reconnect with healing abilities learnt in past lives.

  • Experience Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression.

  • Develop psychic abilities by recalling past lives.

  • Get motivation and purpose to continue as a healer.

  • Disconnect from blocks to healing caused by past lives.

  • Experience Hypnotherapy with Age Regression.

  • Guidance on life purpose with the Spirit Guide, Soul Group & Soul Council.

Watch Intro Video

Welcome to The Course - Introduction

Course Highlights

  • Case Study Exercises; guide you to write your own past life case studies, focusing on your journey as a healer over time.

  • Case Study Examples; from my past lives relating to healing, illustrating themes relevant to most healers.

  • Clarify your own goals with worksheets and interviews before sessions.

  • Understand each technique and key themes with pre and post session talks.

  • Experience three regressions to the Present, Past and Future lives.

  • Get therapeutic resolutions to enhance your core healing practice.

Course Structure & PLRT Process

The program focuses on Past Lives related to a calling or profession as a healer.

  • There is a difference between simply regressing and recalling part of a past life, and having Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT). PLRT done professionally has implicit within it three other highly connected forms of regression therapy, so sessions include;

  • 0) Interviews; to focus on presenting issues related to the healer journey. And pre-talks to prepare for hypnotic inductions and guided meditations.

  • 1) Age Regression Hypnotherapy; to clarify the presenting issue and story in this life, that connects with past lives.

  • 2) Past Life Regression; to clarify the past lives causes, events and people, and begin to work with, or be at peace with, the karmic effects.

  • 3) Future Life Progression; to see how learning spiritual lessons effects our path into this life and the next, growing confidence, motivation and life purpose.

Sessions For Your Healers Path

My other courses teach Past Life type modalities, to give sessions as a therapist. This course acts as personal sessions, where you are the client, to shift your healing career to a new level.

  • Are you a newer healer, needing confidence to go fully professional?

  • Are blocks affecting you in sessions, or preventing you from taking sessions, or from charging a higher price for sessions? Do you have doubts if you can be a healer, of if healing fits your life purpose?

  • Are you a certified healer, yet feel inside ‘I am not a real healer’ because you don’t have much experience, which can block you from getting experience.

  • What if you could recall lifetimes of experience as a healer, and see future lives as a healer?

  • This course can help move you from being a student, to a professional. Get an inner clarity and connection that launches your healing path into action.

  • Are you an experienced healer at career crossroads, or a low point?

  • Do you need to reconnect with your purpose as a healer, to get back the motivation, inspiration and confidence you once had?

  • Do you need to disconnect from blocks that prevent you going up to the next level of creative and financial fulfilment? Or are blocks pulling you down, and possibly out of healing?

  • This course can be a form of mentoring to revitalise your healing skills, passion and sense of life purpose, to break out of a rut and break through to a new level.

  • Do you know if you were a healer in past lives? Do you know the full story, and how that is affecting your journey as a healer in this life?

  • Past life karma has a powerful affect on your present and future. Understand and work with it, so it works for you, and not against you.

  • When you know who you really are at a deep level, your spiritual evolution goes to another level, and uplifts your evolution as a healer.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Introduction

  • 2

    Part 2: Past Lives For Healers (The Healers Path)

    • The Healers Path

    • Levels of Past Lives

    • Past Lives Program Overview

    • Emotional, Mental & Karmic Residues

    • Intention And Timing For Past Lives

    • Writing

  • 3

    Part 3: Age Regression Hypnotherapy

    • Path To The Healer’s Path

    • Present Life Context

    • Healer’s Residues - Present Life

    • Age Regression

    • Case Study - Path To The Healer’s Path

    • Hypnosis Preparation

    • Age Regression Session

    • Your Story - Path To The Healer’s Path

  • 4

    Part 4: Past Life Regression Therapy

    • Past Life Patterns

    • Healer’s Residues - Past Lives

    • Case Study 2006 - Path To The Healer’s Path

    • Case Study Structure - The Healer’s Path

    • Case Study 2007 - Reconnect With Abilities

    • Case Study 2011 - Overcome Blocks

    • Past Life Pre-Talk

    • Past Life Interview

    • Past Life Regression Session

    • PLR Post Talk - FAQs

    • Your Case Study - Past Life Regression

    • Do Another Past Life Regression Session

    • Case Study 2012 - Soulmates

  • 5

    Part 5: Future Life Progression

    • Future Life Progression

    • Future Life Lessons

    • Future Life Possibilities

    • FLP Interview

    • Future Life Progression Session

    • Your FLP Case Study

    • Final Words

Instructor Bio

Mark Beale, Trainer & Mentor

In 1998 I awakened to the healing path aged 26, due to spiritual experiences while living in India studying meditation.

In 2006 I completed training in hypnotherapy and spiritual regression with Dr Sunny Satin of the California Hypnosis Institute of India in New Delhi, and became a full-time professional.

In 2012 I became an NGH trainer through Dr William Horton in Florida. I’ve lived, practiced and taught mainly in Asia for 20 years, specialising in past life regression, working in wellness resorts and my own practice.

For more of my story in this life, see About. The extended story of my healers path in this and past lives illustrates this course, Past Lives For Healers.

Who This Course Is For

  • Healers wanting to work with issues that arise along the healers path.

  • Anyone training as a healer, or interested in becoming a healer.

  • Anyone interested in exploring their past lives, especially those that relate to being a healer.

  • Therapists looking to fully experience their own past lives, to enhance their sessions with clients.

  • ‘Healers’ includes spiritual modalities like Reiki, Chakra, Crystal, Angelic, Shamanic or Psychic Healing, and TCM, Tarot, Mediums, Spiritual Coach.

  • ‘Healers’ includes hypnosis based modalities like Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Spirit Releasement, Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach.

  • ‘Healers’ includes conventional modalities like Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor, CBT, Nursing, Doctor or medical or wellness practitioners.

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Certificate of Completion

Sample of the PLAI certificate that comes with this course


Natasha Thompson

As a healing practitioner of assisting clients through the trance state. This is very thorough with hitting points that I will add that I know will my clients when I put to use. Above expectations.

Shirley Leonce

The course was great. I must say the only way to describe it is I feel an eerie change not negative but a definite overall feeling of change in and around me. I would say weird, but my respect for all things seen and unseen, would make even thinking it disrespectful. Thanks Mark much appreciated

Jo-Ann Falace

I know this will be a journey that will radically change my life. I feel it in my gut, and my gut feelings never lie :)

Reviews from PLAI

Past Lives For Healers

Della Cobb

Before I took this course, I kept seeing a invisible wall stopping me from realizing my true self as a healer. This course helped me realize what was causin...

Read More

Before I took this course, I kept seeing a invisible wall stopping me from realizing my true self as a healer. This course helped me realize what was causing the wall and I was able to visualize it and walk past it. Mark is an insightful and caring teacher and it shows through in his videos. Thank-you Mark.

Read Less

So excited, I can hardly contain myself!

Anya Blakeley

Wow! I feel so fortunate to have found this course! I feel like a whole world is opening up to me at the same time as I feel like the pieces that have shatte...

Read More

Wow! I feel so fortunate to have found this course! I feel like a whole world is opening up to me at the same time as I feel like the pieces that have shattered and Ive been unable/unwilling/unknowingly how to put them back together are being made possible through this course (past life karma and future life partnerships) Your expertise and commitment is evident and I feel honored and grateful. Thank you :)

Read Less

Great course!

Diana Vehuni

Great content and delivery. I'm grateful to have found Mark and his work. This is the third course I'm taking and I can't wait to learn more! Thank you so mu...

Read More

Great content and delivery. I'm grateful to have found Mark and his work. This is the third course I'm taking and I can't wait to learn more! Thank you so much!

Read Less

Very detailed and helpful

derek garubo

the course has a very natural and systematic pace to it that is helpful and informative

the course has a very natural and systematic pace to it that is helpful and informative

Read Less

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Abilities and Limitations of Online Sessions

  • No online course can be fully interactive. This course has an in-depth set of sessions, tools and writing assignments to give value, especially suited to self-starting talented people with spiritual healing experience. I do offer premium ways to help and go even deeper.

  • Self Mentoring; Many people will gain valuable past life insights they can understand and resolve by following the written exercises themselves. This course includes many worksheets to prompt your own writing and realisations, allowing self-mentoring.

  • One Skype Call - Personal Mentoring; A premium version of this course includes a 30 minute video-call mentoring session based on the written exercises, to help with realisations and connections to present issues.

  • Three Skype Calls - Personal Sessions; Some people prefer a fully interactive experience of the interviews and 90 minutes regression sessions over a zoom video-call.

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