Dr Nicole Lee: Qualified Physician & Certified Hypnotherapist
Offers In-Person (Singapore) & Online Therapy

Nicole trained as a physician in Singapore and had years of clinical practice in various fields prior to becoming a hypnotherapist. Her clinical background fostered her ability to engage and connect meaningfully with clients in their healing journey.

As a hypnotherapist, she treats her clients with the same professional attitude and ethical responsibility that she upholds as a physician. Through effective hypnotherapy techniques, she has facilitated transcendent transformation in individuals, and that is what she seeks to achieve with every client she journeys with.

Nicole's Website - The Consciousness Centre

Dr Frank Sattler:  Hypnotherapist, PLRT, BLRT, SRT. Sydney, Australia & Online, in English & German. 

Frank is a Clinical Psychologist with a master’s and doctoral degree in psychology, and has German licenses as Psychological Psychotherapist & Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist.

In addition to spiritual regressions, Frank works as a couples and individual therapist on ADHD, anxiety, grief, OCD, trauma, LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy, parenting, and divorce / separation ambivalence.

Catt + Associates Psychology | Email

Anna Zonen: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Between Lives. New Jersey, USA & Online.

Anna is a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, where her focus is working with women, Complex Trauma (C-PTSD), and mental illness through a relational lens.

I see this work as a journey that we embark on together. We both have a lot to learn and teach each other and through this mutual relationship great healing can occur.

Website - HeartConnectionsNJ.com

Mary Walker: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Between Lives. Terre Haute, Indiana & Online.

Mary is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with a Master of Science (MS) degree from Indiana State University. She offers modalities including EMDR, CBT and CRM in her core practice, where she's helped many thousands of people since 2008.

Mary was inspired by Michael Newton's books on Past Lives and Life Between Lives to add spiritual regression therapies to her offerings.

Mary's Listing at PsychologyToday.com | LinkedIn

Simon Bown: Past Life Regression Therapist, PLRT
Dorset, England & Online. Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the UK National Council for Hypnotherapy

I took part in my first past life regression in 1987 at the College of Psychic Studies in London. The thoughts and feelings I experienced have stayed with me to this day.

I have seen hugely positive results gained through PLRT. As well as wanting to help people with issues caused in past lives I also want to aid people in finding their spiritual nature.

Simon is the host of the popular 'Past Lives Podcast'. He has interviewed many of the leaders in fields of Past Lives and NDEs. 


Kayla KnucklesClinical Hypnotist, Claircognizant Oracle Reader, and Palmist. Co-Founder of The Magic Bus, a mobile metaphysical shop. In-person in Midwest Indiana and Online.

My goal is to help others heal and find their own calling, purpose, and passion. I believe there is life after death, that your human body will die, but your soul lives on. Ultimately, life is nothing but experiences and lessons. Life is a short journey to clear karma, experience unconditional love, learn, forgive, and share peace with every living thing.

Kayla's shared wisdom is, “No one will believe in you like you do. Work hard, be passionate, and try to learn something from every challenge you encounter. Embrace rejection and always keep your goals present!” 

TheWitchters.com | FaceBook | Instagram

Andy Kloss: Hypnotherapist, Past Lives, Between Lives. Freiburg im Breisgau & Online.

Andy is the author of 'Anxiety Recovery: The Guide To Overcoming Anxiety And Living Normally Again.'

Andy helps people evolve spiritually with coaching to overcome issues like anxiety, and to deal with events on the path of spiritual awakening. He has an active Youtube channel.

Andy offers sessions in English and German, so for the SEO, he offers Hypnotherapie, Rückführung in vergangene Leben, Therapie zwischen Leben.

Website - Andy Kloss | Youtube | 'Anxiety Recovery' on Amazon

Nancy Viersé: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Between Lives. RTT. Aalst, Belgium & Online.

My life's mission is to help people who are looking for answers and redemption around what is sabotaging them in their current life to move to the next step in their personal growth. I guide people to let go of what really blocks and hinders them.

Nancy offers sessions in English and in Dutch (Flemish). So for the SEO, she offers Klinische Interactieve Hypnotherapie, Reïncarnatietherapie, Zielslezingen, Regressie naar vorige levens, Rapid Transformational Therapie RTT.

Website - NancyVierse.com | Instagram | Email

Ruby Doan: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Between Lives. Vietnam, Japan & Online.

Ruby experienced a spiritual awakening and transformation that lead her to work as a tarot reader, which involves spiritual coaching. Ruby then received powerful PLR sessions which helped understand and heal issues, and inspired her to now help others.

Ruby offers sessions in Vietnamese and English. So for the SEO, she offers Nhà trị liệu thôi miên, Nhà trị liệu hồi quy kiếp trước, Trị liệu giữa các cuộc đời, Thôi miên.

RubyDoan.com | FaceBook | Instagram

Benoît Penneçot Past Lives, Between Lives, Spirit Releasement
French Canadian in Haute-Savoie, France & Online.
Also a graduate of QHHT & Introspective Hypnosis.

I am a practitioner in spiritual hypnosis, and can accompany you in luminous and transformative experiences, to meet your guides and discover your past or future lives.

Ben offers sessions in English and French, so for SEO, régression dans les vies antérieures, Hypnothérapie, Vie Entre Vies, Libération de l'Esprit

Youtube |  Website Lumi-Naissant.com

Myagmarjargal (Meg) Purev Past Life Regression Therapist, SRT
Fukuoka, Japan & Mongolia & Online.
Psychologist. University Lecturer.

Meg's practice encompasses many areas or spiritual regression, alongside her work as a psychologist.

Her own personal past life regressions on video are a powerful lesson, and she's now a psychological and spiritual teacher. 

Meg offers sessions in English and Mongolian. So for the SEO, she offers Гипно эмчилгээний эмч, Өнгөрсөн амьдралын регрессийн эмчилгээний эмч, Амьдралын хоорондох эмчилгээний эмч, гипноз.

Myagmarjargal Website |  Facebook

Lucy Bennett: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spain, UK & Online.
Empowered Success Coach & Wedding Planner based in Andalusia.

"My philosophy is to coach you as a whole unique individual, understanding deeply what success will mean for you and guiding you to that pinnacle, helping you find your inner genius!"

As a Hypnotherapist, she uses regression to clear issues from the past - to help in the process of achieving success for a great future that lays ahead.

Lucy Bennett Coaching

Lisa Mercier: Hypnotherapist, Past & Between Lives Therapist
BS in Psychology. Ordained Minister. Psychic Medium.
Orange County, California & Online

Lisa is an Intuitive, Medium and Reiki Master. She is certified through Dr. Anne Reith’s IMPART Certification Program for Professional Psychics, Mediums, and Healers. Lisa has a background in the non-profit helping profession and in law enforcement and crisis response work as a victim advocate.

As a spiritual regression therapist, she elicits and guides her clients  inner wisdom to therapeutic resolutions.

Website Medium Lisa Mercier - Instagram - Facebook

Victoria Amador: Spirit Releasement Therapist. QHHT, BQH, PLR.
West Palm Beach Florida & Online.
Cornell University Bachelor of Science graduate.

Victoria was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived in the US for 25+ years. She speaks Spanish. She grew up in The 21 Divisions tradition, and is an initiated Priestess and Sharman, so was born into a culture that is aware of and works with entities, leading to her exploring the methods of SRT. 

She offers sessions in person and online. Her one year 'Awakening the Healer Within Program', helps people to heal and awaken.

'Soul Healing Tribe'  | Awaken The Healer Program  | Youtube

Marlene KristonHypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist
Northboro, Massachusetts, USA & Online.
Also Crystal Healer, Reiki, IET.

Marlene offers a unique light body healing experience using Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy and Light Body Energetic Healing. She helps clients discover the root cause of their issue, reconnecting them to their soul’s purpose.

Marlene is an energy intuitive and practices heart light connection.


Cynthia Renee Meeks: Past Lives & Between Lives Therapist
Dallas, Texas, USA & Online. Graduate of Introspective Hypnosis. Bachelors in Metaphysics from Sedona U. Numerologist.

I’m a Spiritual Awakening Guide for those who have a strong desire to define their spiritual journey and healers’ path. In my spiritual practice I work with Adults and children. I use Spiritual Hypnosis, Metaphysical Spiritual counseling, and Numerology.

On this journey called life we tend to forget the reason we are here. In my In The Light spiritual session you will rediscover who you truly are and define your journey through a new lens.

Cynthia Website - Cynthia Youtube

Eddie R Kayes: Hypnotherapist, Past Lives. Toronto & Online.

Eddie is the author of the book 'The Creationship: An Intimate Relationship With Creation - Using The Seven Principles of Providence to Unlock Your Potential, Co-Create Your Dreams, and Live Your Life on Purpose.'

He has background as a culinary artist, permaculturalist and herbalist consulting on foods as a curative medicine, and as an energy healer, working with Reiki, Quantum Touch, Qi Gong and massage.

Website - ICEA Hypnotherapy | Youtube | Email

Elizabeth Austin-Benard: Past Life & Between Lives Therapist
Virginia, USA & Online. QHHT, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Retired Colonel in the US Marines. MBA. Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown University.

Due to her military and civil service, she assists veterans and active duty personnel in breaking through barriers to wellness and quality of life issues. She has developed customized strategies to uniquely address sleep disorders, trauma, and stress issues.

"Life in 2021 isn’t easy, but it gets extraordinarily exciting and satisfying when you are on your right path."

Double Eagle Hypnotherapy | Elizabeth's QHHT

Karmen Kos: Clinical Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist.
Zagreb, Croatia & Online.
Transcendental Hypnotherapy. PhD in Chemistry.

I was been inspired to become a professional Hypnotherapist during a training in 2016 where I experienced going to a past life, and a number of intense therapeutic experiences. 

Karmen offers sessions primarilly in Croatian, so for SEO, regresija prošlih života, hipnoterapija, život između života. Certificirani Hipnoterapeut i Regresoterapeut.

Website | Youtube 

PB HastingsPast Life Regression Therapist, Between Lives
New Haven, Connecticut, USA & Online.
Professor of Media & Design. MFA in Visual Art. Fulbright Scholar. 

A life long artist and meditator, I've practiced mindfulness, coaching, transformational facilitation, shamanic journeying, and I lead Drawing Meditation workshops. I'm also certified in A.U.R.A. Healing Hypnosis, Reiki II and Laughter Yoga.

From a base of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I specialize in guided inner journeys to past lives, the higher self, spirit guides, and life between lives. I also offer hypno-coaching with a specialization in Divine Finances.

www.SoulShepherd.love | Youtube SoulShepherd

Dr Haile MichaelsonHypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada & Online.
BAPsych, ND(ret), CHT. Intuitive Hypnotherapist.

I practiced medicine for 10 years and have studied the body, the mind, and the soul. Mental and physical wellness need a holistic, and deep, root cause approach. We need to balance the body and brain, work with mindset & learn to listen to our inner wisdom.

I work primarily with anxiety, depression, trauma, binge eating, chronic dieting, bulimia and PTSD.

Avani Patel: Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, PLR
Chicago, USA & Online. BA in Psychology.

Avani's goal is to inspire and empower her clients with tools to create peace and deep self-awareness. Avani’s heart-centered leadership will encourage you to align with your higher purpose.

Through her skills and experience in Psychology, metaphysics and the corporate world, Avani is able to provide you with a balanced approach to your journey. As a Hypnotherapist, she helps others gain deep knowledge and understanding on their current issues to assist with resolutions.

EternalAlchemists.com - Instagram

Victoria Akins: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Between Lives. New York, USA & Online.

Victoria is a psychotherapist in training, with a background in Mental Health Counseling, Life Coaching and as a holistic healer including Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and Reiki.

Victoria helps people with personal challenges and hidden obstacles, and brings out talents, all to get the karmic lessons that aid in our spiritual awakening.


Alexandra McGeeHypnotherapist. 
San Diego & Online. UCLA graduate.

Alex had a successful career as a sales executive. She always strived to be an inspirational motivator, and my ability to tap into what drives people (which is different for everybody) was part of why she was a successful mentor 

She offers sessions in person and online. 

'Alexandras Hypnotherapy'  | Youtube  | IG

Ursa Young; Hypnotherapist, CHt
Ljubljana, Slovenia & Online.
MSc in Psychology. Yoga teacher. Coach.

I work with many client issues of hypnotherapy, relationships and coaching.

I find I attract many visionary and very creative, talented women with a big heart and a big mission who, however, struggle with setting boundaries and clear goals, taking action, due to indecision, and have some unhealed childhood traumas.


Naomi Del Gaudio: Past Life Regression, BLR, SRT
Hawaii, USA & Online. QHHT, BQH. Pranic Healing.

Born in Japan, now living on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I used to have paranormal experiences growing up, there was a sense that "there is more out there." 

I've practiced QHHT and BQH for two years. Giving PLR sessions are beautiful experiences for spiritual growth.

Lots of things come through spontaneously with my clients, so I feel drawn to work through these with various modalities.

Naomi's Website | Naomi BQH

Della Cobb Past Life Regression Therapist
Houma, Louisiana, USA & Online.
Also a graduate of QHHT & TNI Life Between Lives, FLP, SRT.

"Your greatest sorrows and pains can bring great transformation in your life and to help you find your true self."

Client testimonial "Della is an incredibly wise soul that is infinitely patient. She fluidly directed the session and was sensitive and aware of my process. I am infinitely grateful for the experience and revelations I had. Much love and thanks, Della!!" 

Karen van Kriedt: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist
San Fransisco, Marin County, USA & Online.

Karen has forty years experience in psychic development from working with the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) to leading workshops with The Sanctuary, and Shamanic retreats.

A lifetime dedicated to spiritual growth and healing coupled with a challenging life story of her own has taught Karen compassion and integrity. In her Hypnotherapy practice, she draws upon her many years as a psychic healer, energy worker, and shamanic practitioner.

Karen's Facebook

Amanda Herr: Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA & Online.
Bachelor in Psychology. Master's in Social Work.

Amanda's practice is 'Ananda Healing Hypnosis'. The focus and purpose of her work is to aid in the release of what is no longer serving to move into a more desired state of being.

Ananda Healing uses age regression, past life regression, and shamanic healing to help you tune into your subconscious & superconscious mind so you can go back to the root of your issue through memories of this life and past lives for a healing effect.

'Ananda Healing' Website

Namuun; Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy.
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia & Online.

I was born in Mongolia, got a Masters degree in Texas, and worked in diplomacy and management, then realized I need to change path.

My spiritual path has clicked into place after overcoming 10 years of insomnia, and raising my children into teenagers. I am a student of Buddhist philosophy at the Naroba Institute. I notice a need for accessible spiritual therapeutic healing to reduce suffering. My own experience with past life regression lead me to choose these modalities  to help people.

Alexandra SidorovaHypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist
Connecticut, USA & Online. Astrology, Bazi, Metaphysics.

"Life is great! Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to open wide, new, amazing horizons and finally start to enjoy it.

After recalling a series of my own past lives, I realized how spiritual regression is a natural healing therapy with great potential for people to overcome many negative blockages in their lives."

Sasha is a native Russian speaker passionate about sharing an overflowing love, balance, and joy, especially to help people settle into new cultures as part of their spiritual growth.

Email Alexandra

The Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI) is accredited as a training provider by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) to certify graduates as Certified Therapists in various modalities of Spiritual Regression Therapy.

Not all our graduates are listed here. If you have a query about if a practitioner is a fully qualified therapist with the PLAI, contact Mark Beale.