Host: Mark Beale, Past Life Regression Therapist and Trainer with the Past Life Awakening Institute.

Subjects; Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression, Spirit Releasement Therapy, Hypnotherapy.

Guests; Healers from other Past Life Therapists to Psychologists to Psychics. They often also study QHHT and read Brian Weiss, Michael Newton and William J. Baldwin. We discuss a) Their Healers Journey and  b) Client Case Studies.

Victoria Amador

Spirit Releasement, Spirit Guides, DFEs, Earthbound Spirits, QHHT & The 21 Divisions.

Victoria Amador: Florida, West Palm Beach & Online. QHHT, BQH, Past Life Regression, Soul Regression, Between Lives. She is a graduate of my advanced Spirit Releasement Therapy training course, with the Past Life Awakening Institute.

You can find her at Soul Healing Tribe.

She is a graduate of Cornell University. She's been a founder CEO and business owner including hospitality and a Dominican Vegan restaurant. She was born in the Dominican Republic, and has been in the US for 25 years. Spanish & English.

She offers coaching sessions for small business owners.

She has an Etsy store offering Spirit Guides Posters, Notebooks & Journals, T-shirts

Her Youtube channel is "I Am Witch Angel"  where she goes into a lot of spiritual awakening and advanced spiritual regression topics.

She's also a High Priestess in 21 Divisions - which is a Dominican spirit orientated religion, also known as Vudu.

She has created the Awakening the Healer Within Program, which is a one year program for those looking to heal and awaken.

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below.

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00:00 Introduction to the Past Life Awakening Institute Podcast
00:40 Victoria Amador, QHHT, BQH, Past Life Regression, Soul Regression, Between Lives, Spirit Releasement Therapy.
02:37 Victoria's early life discovering spiritual abilities, and finding the 21 Divisions religion of Dominican Vudu. Vudu means spirit.
4:47 The world has many ancient traditions that work with spirits. Overcoming inaccurate perceptions of 'hypnosis' and 'voodoo'.
7:17 Victoria's path to becoming a healer.
12:25 Victoria's path to becoming a QHHT practitioner.
17:05 Victoria's does QHHT sessions, and twice a Spirit Guide / Angel tells the issues are related to an entity attachment, and tells Victoria to help the release.
23:38 Clients with Entity issues are guided to certain practitioners.
26:53 Victoria's path to becoming a Spirit Releasement Therapist. How to separate out SRT and PLR / QHHT.
34:09 The types of spirits found in Spirit Releasement Therapy; a) the Spirit Guide, b) Earthbound Spirits, c) Dark Force Entities. How DFEs can deceptively present themselves as the Spirit Guide.
39:13 Releasement process for entities. Regretful and non-regretful spirits. Being kind to all spirits, by helping them see through deceptions.
41:11 Dark Force Entities (DFEs) that can trick you. Not being tricked by DFEs, but pointing out that they have been tricked. So we don't have to command them to leave, you transcend deceptions and fear.
44:22 Other methods of spirit releasement that drain energy, compared to SRT.
48:14 Entities that influence people for decades.
55:53 Discovering attachments themselves.
1:00:11 "Regress to the cause and fix it" versus "Command it to release" or "Depend on the Magic Wand".
1:05:16 Victoria's advice to fellow QHHT practitioners who find spirit entities in their sessions.
1:09:34 How to discern DFEs that deceptively present themselves as the Spirit Guide.
1:12:30 Awakening The Healer Within. How healers who are awakening and getting more Light find they have more dark energies.
1:19:24 Contact Victoria Amador.

Elizabeth Austin-Benard

QHHT, Past Life Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Elizabeth Austin-Benard: Past Life & Between Lives Therapist. Virginia, USA & Online. QHHT, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Elizabeth is a retired Colonel in the US Marines. MBA. Masters in Public Policy at Georgetown University. Due to her military and civil service, she assists veterans and active duty personnel in breaking through barriers to wellness and quality of life issues. 

She has developed customized strategies to uniquely address sleep disorders, trauma, and stress issues.

Double Eagle Hypnotherapy

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below .

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00:00 Introduction to the Past Life Awakening Institute Podcast
00:40 Elizabeth Austin-Benard, Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Therapist.
01:49 Being a QHHT Practitioner & a Past Life Regression Therapist
07:09 How QHHT is complimentary to Past Life Regression.
11:53 How therapeutic sessions address specific issues like physical weight loss, by addressing the emotional and mental issues to get to a spiritual resolution.
16:04 Elizabeth's early experiences, including how her training in science and in the military fits with her spiritual therapy and the subconscious mind.
25:09 Becoming a professional healer due to a gradual awakening fro study and experience with death and illness in the family.
29:00 Case Study 1; Issue; unexplained hip pain, with causes of unworthiness seen in scenes as a child with her father, and as a wife with her husband.
37:42 Case Study 2; Issue; Depression & anguish, despite success in adapting to life in the US after immigrating at 14 without speaking English. She recalls unkindness at school, and a date rape, that she had not addressed despite having years of talk therapy - but could now process and get forgiveness for self and others.
43:36 Therapeutic resolutions can involve us going into the heart of the darkness - in order to shine the light. How clients experience this, and how we can manage it as a therapist.
48:38 Therapeutic resolution; forgiveness in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.
52:00 Elizabeth Austin-Benard on what therapists learn and experience by becoming a healer, as a hypnotherapist and Past Life Therapist & QHHT.
57:30 What it's like training with the Past Life Awakening Institute to become a Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, and Between Lives Therapist.

Dr Nicole Lee

Hypnotherapist, Past & Between Lives Therapist

Dr Nicole Lee: Hypnotherapist, Past & Between Lives Therapist

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) New Zealand & Online

Nicole practiced as a medical doctor for more than a decade before switching to hypnotherapy.

She facilitates transcendent transformation in her journeys with people. Nicole's Website - The Hypnotherapy Practice

Book on Amazon ;Mirrors of the Mind - Metaphoric Narratives in Healing by Dr Peter Mack & Dr Nicole Lee

Book on Amazon; The Grand Scheme of Things: Spiritual and Cosmic Insights via Meditation by Nicole Lee

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below.

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00:00 Dr Nicole Lee: Hypnotherapist, Past Life & Between Lives Therapist
02:30 Nicole's journey, growing up in Singapore, becoming a doctor, but not feeling fulfilled in the medical profession. Discovering spiritually orientated books doctors like Brian Weiss and Deepak Chopra.
11:40 Reconnecting in 2014 with Dr Peter Mack, a doctor colleague in Singapore who practices Past Life Regression. Nicole received a series of Past Life Regression sessions, that became the basis for their book co-authored book, "Mirrors of the Mind - Metaphoric Narratives in Healing".
17:18 Nicole's past lives, and how they effect her present life.
30:31 Nicole's path to find Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression training. Discovering Mark Beale on Udemy, then doing Advanced Certification training with Mentoring with Mark.
33:47 Case Study 1; Nicole takes an aspiring healer through issues of insomnia, self discipline and confidence through a three part program of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Between Lives Regression.
59:37 Case Study 2; Hypnotherapy with Age Regression, to face issue of feeling unloved as a child, and always in second place to her brother.
1:05:15 Dr Nicole Lee's advice to healers - take the Past Life Awakening Institute advanced Certification training with Mentoring.
1:12:19 Dr Nicole Lee's message to doctors and conventional medical professionals.

Andy Meyers

Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Speaker & Author

Andy Myers is a psychic medium, inspirational speaker, life coach, and best-selling author of three award-winning books.

Andy's new fourth book The Sky Diaries: A True Story of Reincarnation, comes out on January 11 2022. It describes how Andy and his family discovered tangible evidence that they’ve all lived past lifetimes together.

Andy lives in Omaha, Nebraska, and travels around the US to give inspirational lectures, and conduct psychic events and psychic readings. Andy's known for his expertise in the subject of past lives and reincarnation, and insights into the spirit world.

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below.

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00:00 How Andy became a Psychic Medium who can access others past lives
11:57 Andy's book - The Sky Diaries: A True Story of Reincarnation
19:43 How level of Psychic and Medium abilities are very complementary to Past Life Regression Therapists and clients having PLR sessions. Do you have to be psychic to do Past Life Regression? Are PLR therapists or clients psychic?
23:28 Children with past life recall. Andy's daughter Sky's. How do deal with past life memories in boys and girls.
37:12 Synchronicities in Andy's journey in this life and across past lives.
44:46 Guardian Angels, Soul Groups & Spirit Guides. Repeating patterns or love and connection - and Balancing patterns.
54:11 New physical bodies in each life - but recognizing others energy. Geography of returning to familiar places - Native American lifetimes.
59:11 How Andy's previous books relate to his latest book. 

Karen van Kriedt

Past Lives & Between Lives

Karen van Kriedt: Hypnotherapist, Past Life & Between Lives Therapist
San Fransisco, Marin County, USA & Online

Karen has forty years experience in psychic development from working with the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) to leading workshops with The Sanctuary, and Shamanic retreats.

A lifetime dedicated to spiritual growth and healing coupled with a challenging life story of her own has taught Karen compassion and integrity. In her Hypnotherapy practice, she draws upon her many years as a psychic healer, energy worker, and shamanic practitioner.

Karen's Website - Golden Sun Healing West

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below.

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00:40 Karen van Kriedt, Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Therapist
01:25 Karen's arrival on the healers’ path? Spiritual experiences as a child and adult that then connect to recent Past Life Regression sessions.
07:52 Personal Past Life and Between Lives Regressions that inspired Karen to become a spiritual regression therapist.
12:47 Karen's approach to healing with her clients.
15:18 Case Study 1 - Christina; Age Regression to help relationship issues with her mother.
25:36 Case Study 2 - Shannon; Recently divorced, her daughters moved away with her ex-husband, leaving her bereft and unable to progress personally. Past Life Regression revealed her daughter was a high priestess and she was a novice.
30:19 Karen takes Shannon to a past life death and into a Between Lives realm.
40:47 Karen takes Shannon through therapeutic resolutions techniques.
46:58 Cord cutting as a therapeutic technique.
50:50 The outcome and reframe that makes all the difference for Shannon
54:38 Online Past Life Regression vs In person Past Life Regression Sessions
56:48 What being a healer has taught and given Karen, and being a student of the Past Life Awakening Institute mentored by Mark Beale, and giving and getting many session swap with fellow Past Life Awakening Institute students.
1:00:48 Karen's advice for prospective healers, and her reflections on changing from being a psychic healer to a regression therapist using hypnosis.

Marlene Kriston

Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression

Marlene Kriston: Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Therapist in Northboro, Massachusetts, USA & Online.

Marlene also has a background in Reiki and Crystal Healing and describes herself as an energy intuitive who now uses regression to discover the root cause of issues wether they be in this life or a past life, with an emphasis on light body healing and a heart light connection.

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below .

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00:00 Introduction to the Past Life Awakening Institute Podcast
00:40 Marlene Kriston, Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regression Therapist
01:30 Marlene's base in Reiki and Crystal Healing and how she added Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression training to her healing.
04:44 Issues Marlene works with; emotions, feeling stuck, weight loss, self-love, life purpose and Past Lives For Healers.
06:10 Relationship Issues - a Past Life Regression case study with balancing patterns that help forgiveness for those with addictions
10:15 Marlene's healing path; healing herself and healing healers.
11:49 Doing healing as online sessions.
13:26 Working space for healing - moving from an office to a healing room in nature or individual and group healing work.
15:31 Group regressions online, based Past Lives For Healers, a Udemy and Past Life Awakening Institute course.
19:52 Overcoming fear or misunderstanding of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.
23:36 Using group sessions to market and introduce potential clients to hypnosis.
25:42 Marlene's path to becoming a healer. Growing up in Massachusetts as a Catholic, dealing with early psychic events and finding her place. Being an educator and working with autism.
32:33 Case Study 1: A nurse feeling stuck in her career does Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression and finds resources to help heal a past life working as a nurse in a war zone.
44:07 Writing cases studies and keeping and reviewing notes as a tool to learn and help your clients.
48:01 Case Study 2: A woman in an abusive relationship goes back to past lives in the 1800s, and in an Angelic realm and in Atlantis.
51:52 Therapeutic resolution that are transcendent. Benefits of being a healer.
54:24 The Spiritual Path becomes the Healers Path.
55:58 Marlene shares that she has a severe hearing impairment, but has not let this stopped her from being a healer.

Lucy Bennett

Hypnotherapist & Success Coach

Lucy Bennett is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Success Coach in Spain, UK & Online.

"My philosophy is to coach you as a whole unique individual, understanding deeply what success will mean for you and guiding you to that pinnacle, helping you find your inner genius!"

As a Hypnotherapist, Lucy uses regression to clear issues from the past - to help in the process of achieving success for a great future that lays ahead.

Lucy Bennett Coaching

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below - where we cover the vital combination of Hypnotherapy with Regression to This Life when doing Regression to Past Lives.

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00:00 Introduction to the Past Life Awakening Institute Podcast
00:40 Lucy Bennett, Hypnotherapist & Success Coach
06:40 Using Hypnotherapy as an integral part of coaching for all clients.
07:35 Lucy's healing path; small town England and her mothers early death. Success in Spain in the wedding business & coaching.
16:08 Case Study: Intake Forms & Interviews. Defining the presenting issue of lack, and revealing deep issues of fear.
19:08 Case Study: First session of Hypnotherapy; regression to reconnect with past resources.
21:57 Case Study: First session of Hypnotherapy; discovering blocking emotions.
23:58 Case Study: Second session of Hypnotherapy; addressing blocking emotions, and regressing through various causative events.
28:26 Case Study: Third session of Hypnotherapy; therapeutic resolutions. Healing early wounds and forgiving parents that taught her fear and lack.
34:31 Case Study: Concluding the healing & getting the lessons. Forgiveness, healing relationships with parents, in times of covid and cancer.
37:30 Case Study: Future Progression, to connect the regression therapy to the present, and aid future success.
43:53 Setting a strong foundation is the key to regression therapy success.
44:52 Key principles; antidotes to key issues. Self acceptance. Boundaries.
46:32 Lucy reveals what being a healer and hypnotherapist means to her. Managing your energy as a healer. 

Simon Bown

The Past Lives Podcast & Past Life Therapy

Simon Bown is the host of the popular 'Past Lives Podcast', a Past Life Regression Therapist through the Past Life Awakening Institute and a has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the UK National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Based in Dorset, England & Online, Simon has interviewed many of the leaders in fields of Past Lives and NDEs, focusing on investigating evidence that demonstrates survival of human soul, past life memories, NDEs, Spirit Communication and Reincarnation. 

Simon had his first PLR in 1987 at the College of Psychic Studies in London. "The thoughts and feelings I experienced have stayed with me to this day. I have seen hugely positive results gained through PLRT. As well as wanting to help people with issues caused in past lives I also want to aid people in finding their spiritual nature." 

See our discussion topics in the timestamps below - where we cover the vital combination of Hypnotherapy with Regression to This Life when doing Regression to Past Lives.

Watch this Podcast On Youtube

Listen on Spotify - Apple Podcasts - PLAI Website

00:00 Introduction to the Past Life Awakening Institute Podcast
00:30 Simon Bown, Podcast Host from The Past Lives Podcast
02:58 Simon Bown, Past Life Regression Therapist and Hypnotherapist
04:27 Training in Past Life Regression with the Past Life Awakening Institute
06:27 Attitudes towards Past Life Regression in England in the 1990's
07:27 Investigating evidence about Past Lives with a logical scientific approach.
08:57 Dr Ian Stevenson's research of past lives.
11:07 NDE's Near Death Experiences verifying past lives.
12:10 Evolving Attitudes towards Past Life Regression and PLR clients.
15:11 A Past Life Regression case study about guilt and emotions.
18:18 Dealing with loss of loved ones.
21:21 Simon's Healing Path; early spiritual interests.
24:00 Creativity, music and therapy.
26:43 Putting in the work to get the results as a professional therapist.
29:03 Past Life Regression Therapist training - how to become a better therapist.
31:51 Music as a metaphor for therapy.
36:03 Past Life Awakening Institute matching students with session swaps.
37:24 Getting paid as a therapist, free sessions, complementary sessions.
40:02 What if people don't go into past lives
44:55 Case studies of Simon's Past Life Regression work.
48:38 Multiple past lives, and making connections over multiple sessions.
54:17 Overcoming blocks to accessing parts of past lives.
57:50 How to manage running out of time in sessions, and ending sessions well.
1:05:42 Spirit Guides and Life Review for key therapeutic resolutions.
1:10:35 Post Talks and understanding and integrating Past Life Regression.
1:13:47 What it's like to be a Past Life Regression Therapist.
1:16:28 Simon's advice to people considering becoming a Past Life Therapist.
1:18:48 How to get Past Life Regression sessions with Simon Bown.
1:19:50 Simon Bown's own Past Lives.
1:23:50 How to get Past Life Regression sessions with a therapist.

Myagmarjargal Purev (Meg)

Past Lives & Spirit Releasement

Guest: Myagmarjargal Purev (Meg) is a Past Life & Spirit Releasement Therapist from Mongolia, based in Fukuoka, Japan and gives sessions online.

Meg is a Psychologist working at the Psychological and Psychometrics Institute of Mongolia, and is now in Japan doing a PhD at Kyushu University. She lectures and does research on the social and cultural psychological aspect of migration. 

She found Dr. Brian Weiss' books and introduced hypnotherapy into her practice. She took advanced training with me at the Past Life Awakening Institute and now works a lot with Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Facebook: Hypnotherapy Myagmarjargal
Instagram: hypnotherapy.myagmarjargal

00:00 Balancing work as a psychotherapist practicing psychotherapy, with Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.
17:30 Growing up in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, with Shamanic and Tibetan Buddhism traditions, as well as science and psychology.
23:16 Myagmarjargal's past lives as a monk that she discovered in her own Past Life Regression with Past Life Regression Therapist Mark Beale, and then training with Mark's Past Life Awakening Institute
32:18 Case Study - a client has relationship issues, then discovers a past life as a European Bishop involved with exorcisms and Dark Force Entities, and another past life as an angry Egyptian Pharaoh making contracts with ETs to gain power
47:56 Key principles for what DFEs (Dark Force Entities) and ETs.
59:02 Approaches to complex Spirit Releasement Therapy.
01:09:53 Myagmarjargal's advice to psychologists and hypnotherapists about doing Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Avani Patel

Past Lives & Hypnotherapy

Guest: Avani Patel is a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist, in the Chicago area, USA & Online. She has a BA in Psychology, and a background metaphysics and in the corporate world, before making the switch to professional healing.

Instagram: EternalAlchemists

00:00 Avani's healing path; born in a Hindu in India, growing up in Texas, studying psychology at the University of Texas, doing social work in Chicago, working in corporate America, then coming back to healing later in her 40's.
10:50 Deepak Chopra, the Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, and Mark Beale's Udemy and Certification Past Life Regression courses.
19:59 Using hypnotherapy with Past Life Regression for therapy covering issues like relationships, self-esteem, trauma, isolation and mental wellness.
31:27 Therapeutic messages and insights from Spirit Guides.
35:32 Case study - relationships, and a rough past life marriage. Dealing with traumatic events in regression, and karma.
53:11 Case study - for food issues. A past life in Egypt being poisoned, by a sister in this life, so also healing relationships.
58:13 Case study - hung as a witch for being a healer.
01:05:06 Review of certification training with the Past Life Awakening Institute.
01:09:51 Avani's past life as a Native American healer.

Cynthia Renee Meeks

Between Lives & Spirit Releasement

Guest: Cynthia Renee Meeks is a Past Life Regression Therapist and Between Lives Therapist graduate of the PLAI. She practices in Dallas, Texas and online. She is a certified Numerologist, has a Masters in Metaphysics and is the author of a memoir called, "Numbers, Angels, and God", and children’s book "Sy the Mighty Minder". Facebook IG: @iamcynthiarm

00:00 Cynthia's clients. Growing up Baptist in Arkansas, moving to Dallas Texas and discovery spirituality, Deepak Chopra and Numerology.
06.03 Past Life Regression case study - regressing a healer to find her past life healing skills, and husband from a past life, in a Native American life.
11.07 Non human past lives with Between Lives elements.
13.30 Spirit Releasement Therapy - Cynthia discovers 13 entity attachments, 10 family and 3 friends and describes how she releases them.
26:29 Earthbound spirits; beyond just telling them to go into the light. Full discussion to discover all entities, forgiveness, Archangels, and therapy.
43:54 Therapeutic resolutions and key principles - forgiveness & understanding.

Benoît Penneçot

Between Lives & Spirit Releasement

Benoît Penneçot is a Past Life, Between Lives, & Spirit Releasement Therapist
, in France by Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) & Online. 
He is a PLAI graduate in BLRT and SRT, and of QHHT and Introspective Hypnosis. He gives sessions in French and English, guiding luminous and transformative experiences, to meet guides and discover past or future lives.
Youtube Lumi-Naissant Hypnose Spirituelle, QHHT

00:00 Introduction.
00:40 Benoît's approach to healing, and training in QHHT by Dolores Cannon.
07:40 Spirit Releasement Therapy - doing hundreds of sessions, and finding unusual and unexpected events with entities with a darker aspect - like Dark Force Entities and earthbound spirits and dealing with them with compassion. Being prepared, and seeing all as ultimately Light.
19:04 Life changing events that brought him into spiritual healing, inspired by meeting a 12 year old spirit.
30:11 Integrating life changing strange events into real life, and to becoming a full time professional healer.
35:22 Spirit Guidance helps him find the perfect place to live, and a traumatic hospital visit motives Ben to really move.
46:03 Case Studies - why people have spiritual regression therapy. Key themes that reoccur - what is my Life Purpose? Clients being guided to sessions.
51:50 Contacting passed loved ones and relatives in sessions - Soul Groups.
55:14 Between Lives Regression sessions; why people do them, and how to prepare for them. Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Archangel Michael.
01:04:55 Advice for students of healing, and people entering the full time professional healing path in spiritual therapy and training in Past Life Regression Therapy.

Amanda Herr

Ananda Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

Amanda Herr a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist graduate of the PLAI from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Online. Amanda has Bachelors in Psychology, a Master's degree in Social Work, and her practice is 'Ananda Healing Hypnosis'. She uses helps people tune into your subconscious & superconscious mind to go back to the root issues to heal the perceived burdens.  IG; @anandahealing333

00:00 'Many Lives Many Masters' by Brian Weiss inspired Amanda.
06:40 How Psychology, Reiki and Sharmanic Healing led to Past Life Regression.
11:02 Training to become a Past Life Regression Therapist.
15:03 Sioux Falls, South Dakota & Online Sessions.
17:42 Past Life Regression Case Study; Presenting Issue. "Fiercely Independent"
23:39 Repeating Patterns, Balancing Patterns and Positive Past Lives
26:19 A Native American Past Life teaches balance, interdependence, and finding her voice - through witnessing past life people working together and being heard as a woman in a Native American Past Life.
37:06 How Hypnotherapy works with Past Life Regression
42:03 What you learn by being a Past Life Regression Therapist.

Pattie Belle Hastings

This Life - Past Lives - Between Lives

 Pattie Belle Hastings a Past Life Regression Therapist from New Haven, Connecticut, in the US & Online. She is also a Fulbright Scholar and tenured Professor of Media & Design, with a MFA in Visual Art. She is a graduate of the PLAI in PLRT, BLR and SRT and specializes in guided inner journeys to past lives, the higher self, spirit guides, and between lives. Find her at

0:00 Hypnotherapy. Presenting Issues vs Real Issues. Expectations. Online sessions.
10:08 Growing up in the American South as a Southern Baptist. Discovering Autobiography of a Yogi and Meditation. Going from Meditation into Healing.
17:21 Her past lives, including in Shogun Japan. A Between Lives review that healed her relationship with her father.
19:26 Case Study - Helping a prospective healer with her healing path.
28:38 Case Study - Past Life Regression to heal relationship issues - repeating and balancing patterns.
33:19 Between Lives Regression; Past lives on other planets. Discovering trainee spirit guides. Wise beings on other planets. Love. Forgiving.
45:29 Past Life Regression Therapy training courses and mentoring to become a fully certified professional therapist.