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PLRT Sessions Include

  • A thirty minute Free Initial Consultation, to a) assess the appropriateness of Past Life Regression Therapy, and to b) have an initial discussion of your issue.

  • A program of three (up to five) 90 minute video-call sessions are recommended, to go through the full PLRT process, as described below.

  • Sessions are conducted through the video-call, scheduling and meeting app, Zoom. Sessions may also be conducted via Skype.

  • Supporting material includes;

  • a) 9 audio downloads of 1 hour Past Life Sessions.

  • b) A series of videos to give pre and post session explanations of the Past Life Regression process, principles, outcomes and applications.

  • c) Workbooks and documents to use, i) before sessions to really clarify your presenting issues and goals, and ii) after your session, to write your inner experiences, insights and realisations as a result of your sessions.


  • A good internet connection.

  • Headphones, preferably with a microphone.

  • The ability to use (or learn to use) the video-call application Zoom, through your laptop.

  • Email your thoroughly completed "PLRT Session Intake Form" before our Free Initial Consultation.

  • A presenting issue that is appropriate for PLRT, and a genuine interest and connection with the principles and modality of PLRT itself.

Session Structure

A complete process with a beginning, middle and end with a program of 3 sessions.

  • 0) Free Initial Call: Assess Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT)

  • We will discuss a) your thoroughly completed PLRT Session Intake Form, b) your presenting issue and goals, c) assess if PLRT is an appropriate modality, d) assess our personal connection, e) test our tech including Zoom, internet connection and microphone and speakers.

  • 1) Session One: Interview, Hypnosis, Age Regression, Initial Past Life Regression

  • Brief interview to verbally clarify, confirm and focus in on key details, outcomes and intentions from the Intake Form. Hypnotic inductions. Age regression, to get the story of this life, from your subconscious mind. Connect with your Spirit Guides & Higher Self. Initial entry into a past life, with first faces, scenes or narrative details.

  • 2) Session Two: Past Life Regression

  • Enter and navigate fully one past life. Regress to causative events. Check for and regress to other relevant past lives. Get all the narrative information about key causative events, and key people. Understand the cause of blocks or issues, and give an initial therapeutic solution.

  • 3) Session Three: Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Review or discover more past lives. Get insights and realisations from your inner wisdom or Guides. Connect your past and present life experiences. Apply therapeutic tools like Breaking the Bonds of Time, Reframing, Forgiveness, Karmic Insight and Coming to Peace. Come back, light and clear, fully in the present moment.

Additional Sessions & Related Modalities.

In some circumstances a program of PLRT can be 3 to 5 sessions. These are optional services you can also get in this one place, without having to find another therapist.

  • 1) Additional Sessions, to complete PLRT, may be recommended if there are;

  • a) complex interweaving present life issues, that require extra Age Regression.

  • b) multiple past lives, that require extra Past Life Regression.

  • c) multiple or complex presenting issues, that require extra Therapy.

  • Related Modalities; BLR, Hypnotherapy, SRT

  • a) Between Lives Regression (BLR); Towards the end of a program of PLRT sessions, your Spirit Guide, Soul Group or Soul Council may come through. This could be extended with an additional formal BLR session.

  • b) Hypnotherapy with Age Regression (HAR); We may be able to cover this during PLRT. We may find that there are significant issues with Present Life causes, so you could have Ongoing Therapy following PLRT, using a program of Hypnotherapy sessions.

  • c) Sprit Releasement Therapy (SRT); If you have issues or interests related to SRT in anyway, and they come up during PLRT, we may need an specialist SRT session to unblock, then get back to PLRT. Again, this is something I can do without you having to go to another specialist therapist, and go through the whole intake process etc again. We can deal with whatever comes up.

Session Pricing

  • 1 Session; $199. Rarely recommended.

  • It is discouraged to book one session to ‘try it out’. If you want to buy a stool, you don’t start off ‘trying stools out’ by buying a stool with one leg first. The Free Initial Call helps us decide if we 'do', or don't 'do', there is no 'try'.

  • One session may seem suitable for people who have a lot of experience with PLRT, and a very specific outcome. Yet most find we go to a new levels requiring the program. It is technically possible to complete PLRT in one session, but rare.

  • The major usage for a one-off PLRT session is as a preliminary to BLR or SRT sessions, for those who have done extensive PLRT in the past.

  • 3 Sessions; $449. Recommended, a minimum and also the maximum that covers the essential for most people.

  • 4 / 5 Sessions; $149 per extra session. If some complexity arises in session that you want to deal with now. Possible but rarely required to complete the program of PLRT. Usually requested by the client, not recommended as essential by me the therapist.

  • Once you have completed your PLRT sessions, you can take a break for some weeks, months or years. You could then decide to have a separate program of BLR, HAR or SRT sessions. These will often be distinct, in that they have entirely different presenting issues and outcomes. These are always your choice, so the only 'up-sell' is to simply let you know we can do it if you want do.

PLRT Sessions Intake Form

Supporting Guide & Resources

Videos to help before our interactive sessions to prepare, and afterwards to integrate and understand.

Mark Beale, Past Life Regression Therapist

In 1998 I awakened to the healing path aged 25, due to spiritual experiences while living in India studying meditation.

In 2006 I completed training in hypnotherapy and spiritual regression with Dr Sunny Satin of the California Hypnosis Institute of India in New Delhi, and became a full-time professional.

In 2012 I became an NGH trainer through Dr William Horton in Florida. I’ve lived, practiced and taught mainly in Asia for 20 years, specialising in past life regression, working in wellness resorts and my own practice. 

For more of my story in this life, see About. The extended story of my healers path in this and past lives illustrates my course, Past Lives For Healers.


Past Life - Weight Loss & Blocks

Shibani R., Educator, India

I was full of anticipation, and the sessions that followed didn't disappoint – the phrase 'life-changing' is used far too often, but in my case it was completely accurate. I went in to deal with weight issues and ended up releasing negative energies that were holding me back, visiting past lives and soul groups, getting over my addiction to caffeine without even trying and reaching a much more aware and evolved state of mind and life than I ever had before.

Relationships - Family

Christine S., Judge, London

Thank you so much for the work you did on me it was an amazing feeling of release, quite incredible. Hopefully now I can move on properly to enjoy being a grandmother of five wonderful children without unnecessary guilt towards my mother and daughter hanging over me.

Relationships & Career

Simon E, Lawyer, UK

I can't believe I actually cried during our session. I always knew I was a very sensitive guy, but it takes a lot for my reserved emotional barrier to crumble. It goes to show that I must have felt very much at ease with you, your gentle voice & skill. You obviously have a great talent.

Video-Call Scheduling

First, we can have a Free Initial ConsultationWe can refine your intention, set goals and assess your background so we can customize and assess the appropriateness of Past Life Regression Therapy sessions before you buy.

One requirement before the Free Initial Consultation 20 minute video-call, is to email me the Intake Forms given above, so we can have a focused productive session that we've both prepared for.

You can use our Booking Page that has more details on the video-call process and scheduling, or the buttons below.

'See Details' for the "Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) Session", and available times. You may instead prefer Mentoring Sessions, so you can also see the details below.

See Online Booking Page

Watch Intro Video

PLRT Intake & Scheduling Guide

How to book your Free Initial Call about PLRT with Zoom

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Enroll In PLRT Sessions

  • $449.00

    $449.00Past Life Regression Therapy - Online Sessions

    Recommended program of three 90 minute Past Life Regression Therapy sessions.
  • $10.00

    $10.00Past Life Regression Demonstrated - Online Sessions

    How to do PLRT sessions via Zoom. Demonstrations of past life sessions, with commentary. A companion to "Past Life Regression Therapy".
  • $199.00

    $199.00Past Life Regression Therapy - Online Sessions

    One-off PLRT session. Not recommended, unless you have had substantial PLRT sessions in the past, and have a focused singular intention.
  • $19.00

    $19.00Video Release Sessions in PLRT or SRT

    1 Video Release Permission Session. Allow use of edited footage for demonstration and training. See the "Online Video Release Sessions" page for details. Limited availability.
  • $449.00

    $449.00Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

    44 Hour Interactive Course; 4 modules with assignments and case studies. 4 hours of video call coaching. Professional certificate from the PLAI, accredited by the IPHM.