BLRT a) In Certified Therapist Bundle or b) Single Course

Past Life Therapist Bundle; Become a Certified Therapist in four modalities giving a complete process.

1) Clinical Hypnotist
2) Clinical Hypnotherapist
3) Past Life Regression Therapist
4) Between Lives Therapist

12 Zoom mentoring calls of 75 minutes each.
12 Assignments based on 36 client sessions.

BLRT Single Course Version

Between Lives Regression Therapist - Single Course; Certified Therapist training for experienced Past Life Regression Therapists.

Three Assignments; put it into practice by giving sessions to your clients.

Mentoring Calls; Three Zoom calls of 75 minutes to review the Assignments.

Session Swaps; give and receive programs of sessions with fellow Graduates & Students.

BLRT Single Course Prerequisites

Most people should do BLRT as part of the Past Life Therapist Bundle. The BLRT Single Course version is only for experienced practitioners of regression Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy.

The BLRT Single Course includes a case study assignment requiring students to demonstrate mastery Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression, with the prospective BLR clients.

First Assignment

1) Download from here the; BLR_Assignnment0.pages or BLR_Assignnment0.docx. This is what you will be asked to complete, if you are accepted on to the course, so you are clear on what is expected as prerequisites for you, and for your prospective BLRT clients.

The "BLRT Single Course" version First Assignment details the Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression work you do with your clients before you do a program of two Between Lives Regression sessions with them. 

I do not teach BLRT as a one-off session, or without the context of preceding Hypnotherapy and / or PLRT sessions.

BLRT Client Assessment

"BLRT Single Course" applicants often bring prospective clients who do not now, or yet, fit BLRT. Just because a client requests, or is curious about, 'a BLR session', doesn't automatically make them a good candidate for assignments for a two session program of BLRT.

To highlight this, and the importance of other prerequisite modalities, you can see the interview from my Hypnotherapy Demonstrated course. This shows the Client Assessment and Client Interview process I went through to move from her defining that BLRT was required, to refining that Hypnotherapy was in fact the priority modality, initially.

This whole BLRT Single Course Application process is designed to ensure that we will start on the best basis, with appropriate, qualified clients.

Certified Between Lives Regression Therapist

Professional Certification To Practice Therapeutic Regression To Between Lives

  • Certified Between Lives Regression Therapist, BLRT. Issued by the Past Life Awakening Institute, PLAI. Accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, IPHM.

  • Learn how to practice Between Lives Regression Therapy, a form of advanced Past Life Regression with the Spirit Guide, Soul Group and Soul Council.

  • Prerequisites; Experienced Certified Past Life Regression Therapist & Hypnotherapist.

Between Lives Regression Training

A complete process to take your client through a session of Between Lives Regression Therapy.

  • Preparation; Client Interview, Pre-Talk, Setting Expectations & Inductions.

  • Entering BLRT; BLRT Deepeners. Past Life Regression to past death.

  • Spirit Guides; Meeting guides. Life review. Personal karma.

  • Soul Groups; Inner and outer. Interactive and collective karma.

  • Soul Council; reviewing all aspects of BLRT, especially reviewing past BLs, karma, life selection decisions and spiritual lessons.

  • Body Selection & Spiritual Lessons; Explore the main purpose of BLR, and lessons learnt across multiple past lives and multiple life between lives.

  • Two Case Studies; to illustrate the process, based on the presenting issues of "Weight & Light", and "Resilience & Acceptance".

Is BLRT For Me Or My Clients?

  • Do some of your Past Life or Spiritual Healing clients;

  • have complex karmic issues, so it’s harder to come to a clean conclusion?

  • have multiple past lives, so each session raises more questions than answers?

  • spontaneously go into a realm of unusually wise spiritual wisdom?

  • have a strongly spiritually orientated personality or presenting issue?

  • If so, these types clients can benefit from an additional session or two of Between Lives Regression Therapy (BLRT), that could also be called Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).

PLAI Reviews for BLR

Outstanding course


Mark is a very gifted BLR therapist and a great mentor. The uploaded videos give a perfect overview of the process which is then deepened by the trainees own...

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Mark is a very gifted BLR therapist and a great mentor. The uploaded videos give a perfect overview of the process which is then deepened by the trainees own practice and BLR work. I felt very supported by him during our calls and am very grateful for having taking this course. I hope it will benefit many other practitioners!

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Great content, thorough explanations

Benoît Penneçot

Mark Beale knows how to share his knowledge, know-how and wisdom the best way possible. Videos, audio files, textbooks and exchange with the teacher: everyt...

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Mark Beale knows how to share his knowledge, know-how and wisdom the best way possible. Videos, audio files, textbooks and exchange with the teacher: everything is accessible for the best learning experience possible and the feeling to have accomplished a serious and comprehensive training you can be proud of and confident enough to practice the best way possible. Thank you

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Course Curriculum

Watch the free preview videos

  • 2

    Part 2: Between Lives Regression Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Therapeutic Context of BLRT

    • Indications for BLRT - Why Do BLRT?

    • The Between Lives Realm & Levels of Reality

    • Origination of BLRT

  • 3

    Part 3: Session Preparation

    • Client Interview & Client Intake Form

    • Pre-Talk

    • Hypnosis Pre-Talk - Levels Of Inductions

    • Setting Expectations

    • BLRT Session Overview

  • 4

    BLRT Case Study 1; Weight & Light

    • BLRT Case Study 1; Weight & Light

    • Assignment 0

  • 5

    Part 4: Entering Between Lives

    • Inductions & Deepeners

    • Inviting Spirit Guides

    • Dealing with Blocks

    • Entering The Last Day Of A Past Life

    • Navigating The Past Life Death

    • Entering The BL Realm

  • 6

    Part 5: Spirit Guides

    • Meeting Spirit Guides

    • Spirit Guides Roles

    • Spiritual Energies - Distinctions

    • Life Review

    • Individual Karmic Action

    • Karma

  • 7

    Part 6: Soul Groups

    • Inner Soul Group - Karmic Interaction

    • Outer Soul Group - Karmic Collective Action

    • Body Selection

    • Body Selection - Case Study

    • Body Selection, Karma & Soul Groups

    • Assignment 1

  • 8

    Part 7: Soul Council

    • Soul Council - Overview

    • Soul Council Metaphors

    • Assessment vs Judgement

    • Spiritual Lessons

    • Three Key Spiritual Principles

  • 9

    Part 8: Therapy

    • Review Present Life Selection

    • Preview Future Life Selection

    • Between Lives Regression Therapy

    • Take Resolutions Into The Present Life

  • 10

    Case Study 2: Resilience & Acceptance

    • Case Study 2: Resilience & Acceptance

  • 11

    Part 10: Between Lives Regression Audio Session

    • Between Lives Regression Script & Session Prep

    • Between Lives Regression Session

    • Assignment 2

    • Final Words

Certified Therapist Qualification

Sample of the PLAI certificate that comes with this course

Training & Application Process

Admission to advanced certification training is limited. An application process is required. Prerequisites and conditions apply. Review more about the Training Process before applying, and before purchase.
Training & Application Process

Intake Form

1) Download from here the; BLRT_Intake_Form.pages or BLRT_Intake_Form.docx.

2) Then email the Intake Form to me at

I will reply and let you know it's either;
a) not an match at this time, or
b) invite you to book a Free Initial Call.

  • $1,900.00

    $1,900.00Past Life Therapist Bundle

    1) Hypnotist 2) Hypnotherapist 3) Past Life Regression Therapist 4) Between Lives Regression Therapist
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  • $500.00

    $500.00Certified Between Lives Regression Therapist

    Single Course only for those with substantial experience as regression Hypnotherapists and Past Life Regression Therapists. The Past Life Therapist Bundle is usually most appropriate.
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