This Course Includes

  • Certificate of Completion; from the Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI), accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

  • 9.5 hours on-demand video.

  • Manual, 59 pages, including script-book, 10 pages.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What You'll Learn

This course is a Session Guide, that lays out a carefully structured healing journey, based on the insights and tools of NLP, over three sessions.

  • First Session; transform emotions at the core of the issue.

  • Second Session; transform thoughts around causative events.

  • Third Session; transform habitual patterns and behaviours.

  • Take clients through a complete program of integrated NLP sessions.

  • Use compound technique in the first session for emotional breakthroughs.

  • Move forward, free of inner conflict, integrated at all levels.

Watch Intro Video

Welcome to the Course


NLP For Therapists

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used as a healing modality in it's own right, or as a complement to your current therapeutic modality, like hypnotherapy, life coaching, counseling or CBT, or healing modalities like reiki, energy healing and spiritual healing.

  • It can help you deal with spontaneous issues that arise during your core modality, related to the mind, emotion and spirit.

  • It also lays out an intentional program you can take your existing clients from other modalities through, so you can offer them more sessions, add more value, and gain more income.

  • The manual lays out a practical session plan and script you can use word for word in sessions with your clients.

  • The videos;

  • a) present and explain the insights and techniques.

  • b) demonstrate the key techniques, with students from a live training, including commentary on possible variations.

  • c) present exercises , to give you an interactive audio-visual experience of key techniques.

Course Highlights

The Program Structure covers;

  • Pre-Session: Insights; Rapport is essential to NLP. This section starts with getting into rapport with yourself as a therapist, using the Presuppositions of NLP and Representational Systems personally and in Rep Systems in Communication. To start gaining rapport with the client, we cover Matching and Pacing & Leading.

  • First Session A; Emotions. First, we address the emotion at the core of the issue. We use the Well Formed Outcomes to run the initial client interview. We observe the client's Metaprograms, Frames and Presuppositions that contribute to their map of reality. We use the Meta-Model for initial shifts to Submodalities, and start to set Anchors.

  • First Session B; Emotion Spin Flip Technique. This is a compounding technique, that combines many tools of NLP into one technique. It can create powerful breakthroughs in the very first session, and lays they basis for the deep rapport required for the next sessions.

  • This brings together Stacking Anchors, Collapsing Anchors, Metaphor Modelling, Perceptual Positions, and Submodality Change. This critical technique is given three full demonstrations to cover three very different clients, and issue types.

  • Second Session; Thoughts. Next, we address the thoughts around the causative event. We deal with events that created strong emotions, using Fast Phobia, which could also be called a 'Traumatic Emotion Technique', and Change Personal History.

  • We look at the therapeutic issue, and the relationship with themselves, with Perceptual Positions. We conclude this session with the Swish Pattern.

  • Third Session; Programming. Finally, we address habitual patterns, and move forward with new behaviour. We test for inner conflicts around the issue or its resolution with the Visual Squash. We look at the relationship with others with the Meta Mirror.

  • We use Modelling and the New Behaviour Generator to install new patterns to move forward. We close with Neurological Levels to align the client at all levels, as they leave to return to their environment with their inner resources fully integrated.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Introduction to NLP

  • 2

    Part 2: Insights - Rapport

    • Rapport

    • Representational Systems

    • Rep Systems in Communication

    • Rapport - Matching

    • Rapport - Pacing & Leading

  • 3

    Part 3: Session 1 - Emotions

    • Tool 1: Well Formed Outcomes. Client Interview

    • Metaprograms

    • Reframing - Emotions

    • Reframing - Content and Context

    • Tool 2: Meta Model

    • Meta Model GDD

    • Tool 3: Submodalities Change, Associated & Dissociated

    • Anchoring

    • Keys To Anchoring

    • Tool 4: Anchors - Set Positive Resource States

  • 4

    Part 4: Session 1 - Emotion Spin Flip Tool

    • Emotion Spin Flip - Set Up

    • Emotion Spin Flip - Break Down Logistics

    • Emotion Spin Flip - Demo 1

    • Emotion Spin Flip - Demo 2

    • Emotion Spin Flip - Demo 3

    • ESF Breakdown 1 - Can’t Feel Good

    • ESF Breakdown 2 - Can’t Feel Bad

    • ESF Breakdown 3 - Break States

    • ESF Breakdown 4 - Final Stages

  • 5

    Part 5: Session 2 - Thoughts

    • Fast Phobia Technique - What & Why

    • Fast Phobia Technique - Pre-Talk

    • Fast Phobia Technique - Client Interview

    • Fast Phobia Demonstration

    • Fast Phobia Breakdown - After Effects

    • Change Personal History - Set Up

    • Change Personal History Exercise

    • Tool 8: Perceptual Positions - Set Up

    • Perceptual Positions - Exercise

    • Tool 9: Swish

  • 6

    Part 6: Session 3 - Behaviour

    • Tool 10: Visual Squash - Set Up

    • Visual Squash Demonstration

    • Visual Squash Exercise

    • Tool 11: Meta Mirror - Set Up

    • Meta Mirror Exercise

    • Meta Mirror Demonstration

    • Tool 12-13: New Behavior; Modelling

    • Tool 12-13: New Behavior; Generator

    • Tool 14: Neurological Levels - Set Up

    • Neurological Levels Demonstration

    • Neurological Levels Exercise

    • Final Words

Instructor Bio

Mark Beale, Trainer & Mentor

In 1998 I awakened to the healing path aged 26, due to spiritual experiences while living in India studying meditation.

In 2006 I completed training in hypnotherapy and spiritual regression with Dr Sunny Satin of the California Hypnosis Institute of India in New Delhi, and became a full-time professional.

In 2012 I became an NGH trainer through Dr William Horton in Florida. I’ve lived, practiced and taught mainly in Asia for 20 years, specialising in past life regression, working in wellness resorts and my own practice. 

For more of my story in this life, see About. The extended story of my healers path in this and past lives illustrates my course, Past Lives For Healers.

Who This Course Is For

  • Therapists to; add tools to their existing sessions, add sessions to their existing programs, and add an extra modality and revenue stream.

  • Practitioners like coaches who want to offer more therapeutically centered sessions to clients.

  • People with training in NLP who want to extend or refresh their training.

  • Anyone interested in way the mind and emotions work, and working with them subconsciously.

All Levels: NLP Practitioner & NLP Master

  • The course is for "All Levels", because it establishes some Beginner concepts relevant to therapists, then quickly builds on these to an Intermediate then Advanced level.

  • This course covers material from NLP Practitioner and NLP Master, and is applicable for those who already done both of these, because it goes deep into some core advanced techniques, with a specific and application to specialist therapy applications.

  • This course will be understood at each level by therapists, because of their related experience.

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By buying from this PLAI website, you will get a "Past Life Awakening Institute Certificate of Completion" seal, and an "Accredited by the IPHM" seal.

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Certificate of Completion

Sample of the PLAI certificate that comes with this course


Agnes Maria Sroczynski

Personal trainer, writer, hypnotherapist

Great course! Mark is an experienced NLP practitioner and a fantastic teacher. I got a lot of benefit from these lessons, and recommend them highly to anyone interested in incorporating NLP techniques into their hypnotherapy practice.

B Feindel

Review from Udemy

Yes, very interesting and informative. Great resource materials attached.

M Sundaram

Review from Udemy

In depth, covers lots of methods and case scenarios.

Dave T

Review from Udemy

I've taken all the courses offered by Mark Beale. Mark always offers a concise explanation and a subtle, and therapeutically useful understanding of the subject. I am looking forward to future opportunities to learn from Mark's experience!

Ahliel Shaleak

Review from Udemy

The practical application of the therapeutic procedure is very direct and highly informative. This will greatly assist in working with clients facing a wide range of personal issues.

Joshua Smith

This has been so amazing to watch and listen and learn. I feel like it has completely transformed the way that I understand myself, others and the universe. I've completed all of the videos (and your other courses) and look forward to going back and beginning again and using these in my own personal life, as well as with my family using these simple practices and techniques. It's like watching a wizard with magical powers as he shares the tools of his trade. Amazing.

Reviews from PLAI

Advanced Comprehensive NLP Course in my opinion.

Michael Kiernan

Really enjoyed this comprehensive Course in NLP . I will have to revert back to this material many times till i am fully confident. Practice, Practice and mo...

Read More

Really enjoyed this comprehensive Course in NLP . I will have to revert back to this material many times till i am fully confident. Practice, Practice and more practice . Thanks for making this available and congratulations on creating such an advanced Course in NLP.

Read Less

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