This Course Includes

  • Certificate of Completion; from the Past Life Awakening Institute (PLAI).

  • 5.5 hours on-demand video.

  • Manual, 30 pages. Script-book, 24 pages. Two cases studies, over 100 pages each.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What You'll Learn

Complex intentional advanced SRT applied and demonstrated with scripts, case studies and commentary.

  • Learn how to offer a full program of 3-5 intentional advanced SRT sessions for complex cases.

  • Learn the distinctions between spontaneous simple SRT and intentional advanced SRT.

  • SRT Demonstrated - by reading two 45,000 word case studies, with hours of commentary.

  • SRT Scripts - A full complex process including Inductions, regressions, and response to EBs, DFEs and ETs.


  • This is a companion course to the essential prerequisite course "Spirit Releasement Therapy"

  • You should also be an experienced and advanced practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression.

  • Otherwise you should only take this course if you are an experienced healer in other Spiritual Healing modalities.

Who This Course Is For

  • Therapists who want to offer SRT to complex clients with intentional explicit significant spirit attachment issues arising in their life.

  • Therapists who are dealing with simple to intermediate spontaneous SRT, and now want to learn advanced intentional SRT.

  • Therapists experienced in past life regression, hypnotherapy or spiritual healing who are being asked by their clients to do intentional advanced SRT.

Course Description

Companion Course; Advanced Spirit Releasement Therapy a companion course to the prerequisite Spirit Releasement Therapy.

You should be a therapist with experience managing your client's spontaneous simple to intermediate spirit attachments that arise in sessions, as already taught in Spirit Releasement Therapy.

Then you can work with intentional complex spirit attachment issues that are explicitly arising in your clients life, with this course as a next step.

Spirit Releasement Therapy itself has prerequisites of Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. This is an advanced expert course, so to grasp the material, you will need a understanding of, and preferably experience with, all these prerequisite modalities.

Professional Certification Level Training;

There is a limit to what can and should be communicated about SRT on video alone. If you are a professional looking to give intentional SRT sessions for clients with complex, advanced cases, you should consider have advanced Zoom training and mentoring. Especially if you have a specific complex client or two with which you need assistance implementing SRT.

Course Contents

1) Advanced SRT Videos; new understandings and practices you need to know to take your SRT practice to an intentional advanced level.

2) Three Session SRT Script; Spirit Releasement Therapy helped you do one session to deal with mainly spontaneous simpler SRT issues. Advanced Spirit Releasement Therapy gives you a complete three session process to deal with intentional complex cases. This script includes all inductions and regressions. It includes a process and sequence to deal with Earthbound spirits, Dark Force Entities and ETs that are often all attached to complex clients.

3) Session Transcripts; of two SRT case studies. Each one is about 10 hours of sessions that are transcribed into 2 documents of 42,000 and 49,000 words. Combined this is the same word count of most books. You read these as a PDF. They contain every word of the eight sessions, and include the emails, pre & post session interviews.

4) Video Commentary; on the session transcripts - almost 3 hours explaining the SRT Session Transcripts.

SRT Demonstrated; I demonstrate SRT by taking you through every word of the entire SRT process, twice. So there are 8 full sessions totaling 20 hours. It would include a lot of pauses and slow responses. And it would reveal the identity of the subjects. So the demonstration comes in the form of the complete session transcripts, and extensive video commentary about the session transcripts revealing all that was done, and not done, and why.

Supporting Guide & Resources

Videos to help before our interactive sessions to prepare, and afterwards to integrate and understand.

  • 1

    Preparation For Advanced SRT

  • 2

    SRT Three Session Script & Process

    • Overview of Sessions

    • Advanced SRT Session 1 - Discover Entities

    • Empowering, Limiting or Conflicting Beliefs

    • Advanced SRT Session 2 - Earthbound Spirits

    • Advanced SRT Session 2 - Regression

    • Discover Entities 2

    • Interview Earthbound Spirits (EBs)

    • Advanced SRT Session 3 - Dark Force Entities

    • Advanced SRT Session 3 - Extraterrestrials ETs

  • 3

    Advanced SRT Case Study - Angela

    • Angela 1 - SRT Intake Form

    • Angela 2 - SRT Initial Interview

    • Angela 3 - SRT Session 1 Preparation & Interview

    • Angela 4 - SRT Session 1

    • Angela 5 - SRT Session 2

    • Angela 6 - SRT Session 3

    • Angela 7 - SRT Post Session Follow-Up

    • Angela 8 - SRT Post Session Interview

    • Angela 9 - SRT Session 4

  • 4

    Advanced SRT Case Study - Tia

    • Tia 1 - SRT Intake Form

    • Tia 2 - SRT Session 1 Interview

    • Tia 3 - SRT Session 1

    • Tia 4 - SRT Session 2

    • Tia 5 - SRT Session 3

    • Tia 6 - SRT Ongoing Therapy

    • Tia 7 - SRT Session 4 Part 1

    • Tia 7 - SRT Session 4 Part 2

    • Tia 8 - SRT Follow Up

  • 5

    Advanced SRT Demonstrated - Conclusion

    • Advanced SRT Demonstrated - Conclusion

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