Additional Sessions

A program has 3 to 5 sessions. Many presenting issues can be concluded in 3 sessions. Sometimes, an additional 1 or 2 sessions may also be most beneficial.

Once a program of 3 sessions is completed;

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  • $175.00

    $175.00Additional Spiritual Regression Sessions

    One more session.
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  • $350.00

    $350.00Additional Spiritual Regression Sessions

    Two more sessions.
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  • $525.00

    $525.00Past Life Regression Therapy - 3 Online Sessions

    Three sessions of PLR.
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  • $525.00

    $525.00Spirit Releasement Therapy - 3 Online Sessions

    Three sessions of SRT.
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  • $100.00

    $100.00Additional Spiritual Regression Sessions

    Extra Mentoring Session.
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Additional Sessions vs Related Modalities

  • 1) Additional Sessions, to complete PLRT, may be recommended if there are;

  • a) complex interweaving present life issues, that require extra Age Regression.

  • b) multiple past lives, that require extra Past Life Regression.

  • c) multiple or complex presenting issues, that require extra Therapy.

  • Related Modalities; BLR, Hypnotherapy, SRT

  • a) Between Lives Regression (BLR); Towards the end of a program of PLRT sessions, your Spirit Guide, Soul Group or Soul Council may come through. This could be extended with a program of 2 BLR sessions.

  • b) Hypnotherapy with Age Regression (HAR); We may be able to cover this during PLRT. We may find that there are significant issues with Present Life causes, so you could have Ongoing Therapy following PLRT, using a program of Hypnotherapy sessions.

  • c) Sprit Releasement Therapy (SRT); If you have issues or interests related to SRT in anyway, and they come up during PLRT, we may need an specialist SRT session to unblock, then get back to PLRT. Again, this is something I can do without you having to go to another specialist therapist, and go through the whole intake process etc again. We can deal with whatever comes up.