This course is a component of the Certified Therapist Bundle

Complete Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Therapist Bundle; Become a Certified Therapist in four modalities giving a complete process.

1) Clinical Hypnotist
2) Clinical Hypnotherapist
3) Past Life Regression Therapist
4) Between Lives Therapist

12 Zoom mentoring calls of 75 minutes each.
12 Assignments based on 36 client sessions.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist contents;

1) Client Intake & Interview process.

2) Session One; Regression to This Life positive resources.

3) Session Two; Regression to This Life causative emotions and events.

4) Session Three; Regression to key people, and therapeutic resolutions.

Time Requirement; 4 to 8 weeks.
5 hours of Video covering the Manual & Scripts.
4 Assignments of doing 4 sessions x 3 clients.
4 Mentoring Calls of 75 minutes each.

Training & Application Process

Admission to advanced certification training is limited. An application process is required. Prerequisites and conditions apply. Courses are not to offered individually, they are part of a complete process. Review the Training Process before applying, and complete the Application Process to confirm admission before purchase.
Training & Application Process

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Professional Certification To Practice Hypnotherapy With Age Regression As A Basis For Spiritual Regression

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CHt. Issued by the Past Life Awakening Institute, PLAI. Accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, IPHM.

  • Learn how to practice regression to This Life as a basis for Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy.

  • Prerequisites; Clinical Hypnotist

Hypnotherapy with Age Regression

Age regression is an advanced form of hypnotherapy, that leads into spiritual regression therapies.

  • Age regression can be used to have cathartic emotional release, and to gain insights into causative issues, and to overcome limiting beliefs.

  • Age regression can be used for much more than childhood trauma, it can be appropriate for most clients and most issues of hypnotherapy.

  • Age regression uses the unique abilities of hypnosis to access the long term memories and inner wisdom of the subconscious mind to help heal with teaching stories from the client's own personal history.

Course Structure

A complete process outlined in four part, to take your clients through a program of 3 to 5 sessions. From hypnosis, to age regression, a variety of therapeutic resolutions, and the most popular applications.

  • Client Interview & Preparation

  • Prepare your clients for hypnotherapy sessions, from the client interviews, to giving pre-talks, setting expectations and dealing with FAQs. Be prepared yourself to become a professional therapist, set your intentions and ask your FAQs.

  • The First Session

  • Use hypnosis and deepeners. Be prepared for Abreaction Management. Use Time Distortion Convincers. Establish foundations to work with any general issue, or the common applications of 1) Stopping Smoking , 2) Weight Loss, 3) Confidence - Public Speaking, 4) Relationships - Romantic, 5) Relationships - Family.

  • The Second Session

  • Regress to the cause and apply an initial fix. Find first and worst times, and have inner wisdom heal the inner child. Gain insights by reviewing, reframing and rewriting. Find and release emotional blocks.

  • The Third Session

  • Continue working towards a complete therapeutic resolution. Deal the emotions at the core of the presenting issue. Deal with key people, and work through forgiveness of self and other. Choose from techniques like Cord Cutting, Parts Therapy and bringing the change into the moment and the future self.

Course Curriculum

Watch the free preview videos.

  • 1

    Part 0: Introduction To Certification

  • 2

    Part 1: Introduction to Age Regression

  • 3

    Part 2: Client Interview

    • 1) The Goal - Doing

    • 2) The State - Being

    • 3) Positive Reconnect

    • 4) Negative Disconnect

    • 5) New Way

    • 6) Future Benefits

    • 7) Suggestion

    • Interview Assessment

    • Client FAQs

    • Session Overview

    • Quiz 2: Client Interview

    • Final Client Assessment & Zoom Checklist

    • Assignment 1

  • 4

    Part 3: First Session - Positive Reconnect

    • Section Announcement

    • Deepeners

    • Direct Suggestion with Visualisation

    • Age Regression - Initial

    • Hypnotic Interviewing

    • Age Regression - Positive Resource

    • Emerging and Wrapping Up Sessions

    • Quiz 4: First Session

    • Assignment 2

  • 5

    Part 4: Second Session - Negative Disconnect

    • Session Preparation, Induction, Suggestion

    • Positive Reconnect - Wise Adult Resource

    • Age Regression 0) Access Key Emotions

    • Regression 1) Initial Time

    • Dealing with Blocks

    • Regression 2-4) First, Worst, Significant Time.

    • Inner Child 1) Fix with Wise Adult

    • Inner Child 2) Replay That Scene

    • Inner Child 3) Release Emotions & Beliefs

    • Quiz 5: Second Session

    • Assignment 3

  • 6

    Part 5: Third Session - Therapeutic Resolutions

    • Session Preparation, Induction, Suggestion

    • Deal With Emotions

    • Age Regression - Re-Entry - Key Person

    • Forgiveness - Understand The Person To Forgive

    • Forgiveness - Others and Self

    • Cord Cutting

    • Parts Therapy

    • Connect The Past To Present and Future

    • Quiz 6: Third Session

    • Assignment 4

  • 7

    Part 6: Hypnotherapy Age Regression - Applications

    • Applications Of Hypnotherapy With Age Regression

    • Stopping Smoking 1

    • Stopping Smoking 2

    • Weight Loss

    • Confidence - Public Speaking

    • Relationships - Romantic

    • Relationships - Family

    • Quiz 7: Applications Of Hypnotherapy With Age Regression

    • Assignment 4 For Bundles

  • 8

    Part 8: Completion

    • Completion. Congratulations.

    • Final Words

Certified Therapist Qualification

Sample of the PLAI certificate that comes with this course

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