An Initial Call To Discuss Your Intake Form: is to assess the suitability of Certified Therapist training courses, or Personal Sessions.

Initial Calls can be requested online, but they are only confirmed once a completed Intake Form is received that is assessed as being appropriate. It is best to send the Intake Form at the same time as you request and schedule the Initial Call.

If an Intake Form is not received the meeting request will be declined. You can reschedule when you do send in an Intake Form.

Training Courses Intake Form; PLAI_Intake.docxor  PLAI_Intake.pages

Personal Sessions Intake Forms; you can complete the Intake Form for PLRT Sessions or SRT Sessions.

Assessment Of Appropriateness; The Initial Call is a welcome, to start a journey. It is also a chance to first assess the appropriateness of taking the journey at this time. Sometimes people are better advised to take another path, or complete certain prerequisites before embarking.

The journey has an itinerary. To travel well, be prepared, on time and follow the instructions. The Initial Call will also establish prerequisites like punctuality, wifi connection, headphones, microphone, and right understanding and intention.

Your own success will be enhanced by studying the links given, the pages of this website, and by reviewing the Terms & Conditions.

Initial Call For Personal Sessions

Agenda; We will discuss every section of the Intake Form for PLR or SRT sessions.

Assessment; Personal sessions are not appropriate for everyone. Together we will mutually assess if your issues and desired outcomes are achievable, and set out a customized pathway we can walk. Or I will recommend you take an alternative approach, modality or practitioner.

Quick Questions; If you are not sure if sessions are right for you, email me quick questions to before you complete the Intake Form. 

If my answer is "Based on your information so far, sessions may be appropriate" I will invite you to complete an Intake Form. (An email is not a substitute for all the required sections of an Intake Form.)

Initial Call For Certification Training

Agenda; We will have an in-depth Intake Interview, based on your Intake Form.

Customization; All training and session calls have a well defined structure, yet they also have flexibility. Our call will let me understand your particular interests, background and personal circumstances. This will allow us to focus on your key interests and issues.

Learning Process

1) You will view instructional videos, that tell and demonstrate how to do the curriculum.

2) You will put it into practice immediately with real clients.

3) You will write up extensive methodical Assignments, based on your Case Studies of how you implement the curriculum with your clients.

4) There is a substantial amount of writing involved. This form of training is best if you are the 'writer' type, or a disciplined seasoned student.

5) Our Mentoring calls involve your mentor reviewing and commentating on your Case Study assignments, to;
i) ensure you have applied the curriculum to the situation in the sessions you just did, and
ii) to prepare you for the upcoming sessions with your clients.

Your First Clients; I will ask you;

a) who are you first three prospective clients?
b) are they current healing clients?
c) are they paying clients?
d) do they include any family or close friends?
e) do they include acquaintances, colleagues of contacts from a healing community?
f) are they willing to go through a three session program to deal with a real presenting issue?

In some circumstances it might be acceptable to work with friends of family, initially, for a first session, maybe even for a program of sessions. 

We can discuss suitability of various candidates on the Initial Call, and again in Assignment 1 where we assess the Intake Forms of your potential clients, to finally confirm if it is appropriate to proceed with then as client, and with you as a student.

You'll also have the option of...

Session Swaps & Pairs Practice

Once you are enrolled, and have successfully completed the first assignment, you will then be given the option to be matched with fellow Certification Students. These could also be used as an option for Your First Clients and be the basis of your Case Study Assignments. These can be;

a) Graduates, who are publicly listed, to practice advanced modalities like PLR, BLR and SRT, and

b) Students, who are listed privately, only to logged in students, to practice initial modalities of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy.

All matches are made individually by Mark, through Mutual Introduction emails, after a thorough assessment of mutual compatibility and appropriateness taking into account many logistical and therapeutic factors, with consent to contact given on both sides. Substantial guidelines after an initial assessment and introduction remain, and are detailed at the bottom of the Students page. 


In the Initial Call we assess the prerequisites and appropriateness of certification training. This is advanced training, not suitable for everyone as it meets high international accreditation standards.

Prerequisites usually include already being a healer in another modality, with experience working with clients, and access to clients who are ready to practice spiritual regression with now.

a) PLAI training is not obligated to be given; there are substantial prerequisites required for acceptance.

b) PLAI training is not obligated to be continued if the Terms and Conditions of training are not closely followed.

If training is not offered, or discontinued, it is for your own financial and developmental benefit, and that of the PLAI community and your prospective clients. 

As an experienced professional therapist and trainer for decades, I can anticipate and protect you from issues you can't yet image, and assess if there's a gap between what you think you want, and what you actually need. That assessment is at my discretion and is final.

If you are assessed as needing to work on prerequisites, and are not accepted into PLAI training at this time, then graceful acceptance is the best indicator of future success as a spiritual therapist.

Schedule an "Initial Call To Discuss Your Intake Form";
1) Complete the relevant Intake Form, and email it to Mark Beale 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time.

2) You can then request a time, and await confirmation or advice if it's appropriate to meet, or not.

Should we are mutually good match, I look forward to speaking with you, and taking this first step on a fascinating journey :)

Mark Beale

Past Life Awakening Institute Founder
Past Life Regression Therapist & Trainer

See Online Booking Page

Zoom Check List for Sessions

Be Prepared - So As To Mitigate All These Online Possibilities

  • Audio: You must use a headset with an In-Built Microphone.

  • In a hypnotic state people; a) sit back, further away from their microphone and b) often speak at quarter of the volume. Even if your audio is okay during our interview, it can be inaudible during your hypnosis, making the interactive session impossible.

  • Visual; Get a clear image of your face and upper body.

  • I need to see your facial, physical and emotional reactions to enhance the therapeutic interaction. Preferably use a webcam that good in low light, and can get a good image. For phones, use a tripod and don't just try to balance or prop it up; it can fall and give poor visuals.

  • Wifi; Make sure your connection and positioning is strong.

  • If Zoom drops out for some seconds, or the audio distorts repeatedly, the session will not be started or will be ended and rescheduled, and a fee may apply. If in doubt, upgrade or use a better place.

  • Over Heating / Battery Drains / Bathroom Breaks / Privacy

  • Extended use of Zoom can cause your device to shut down and prematurely end the session due to a) over-heating or b) draining your battery. Ensure your device is adequately cooled, charged and plugged in. Ensure your body is ready for 90 minutes uninterrupted!

  • Backup Alternative Contact; Plan B For Worst Case Scenario

  • Have an alternative device, app and network available, and your email up to confirm switching, e.g. to a WhatsApp call over a mobile network to pick up where we left off or resolve. This is very rare, the previous mitigants should avoid this.