Video Release Sessions

  • Do Not Buy Unless Confirmed. Conditions Apply. Very Limited Availability.

  • Low cost sessions are available if you sign a 'Video Release Permission' form allowing the session(s) to be used as demonstration videos for my training courses and/or youtube channel.

  • Your full name will not be used. Personal information is minimized, edited and only used to demonstrate therapeutic points. Your face, voice and story will feature in video and audio.

  • We may come to a therapeutic resolution and create a useful demonstration with one session. We may both agree to a three session program at $19 per session.

Conditions of Limited Special Offer

  • This offer is only for sessions of Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Between Lives Regression and Spirit Releasement Therapy. We will assess what sessions are best in our initial call

  • There must have a compelling need for a session. I am looking for case studies that demand a therapeutic resolution. These sessions are not for curiosity, or simple Past Life Recall. They are to overcome significant pain with Therapy.

  • Privacy & Your Presenting Issue; Your full name will not be used for your privacy, but some personal facts are required for the case study to make sense. For other people's privacy, avoid presenting issues that involve people who are easily identified, such as a spouse.

  • You must have previous experience with at least hypnosis or hypnotherapy, and be very familiar with being in a hypnotic state. You preferably have had PLRT or SRT sessions before, or vivid experiences while listening to my PLRT or SRT audio programs. You are likely studying my PLR or SRT courses.

  • The two courses below are included. They can be used before or after our interactive online session. (Some people buy before even applying or being confirmed, and don't apply for a refund, so this is for them too.)

Conditions - Technical Requirements

  • My goal is to create a great audio visual experience for my students and youtube subscribers. These technical requirements are vital to create useable demonstration footage. You should have;

  • Zoom, and a strong stable internet connection that will not cut out over a long session.

  • Video: 1) An external camera to shoot in minimum 720p. 2) A good lens that can shoot in low light. 3) Good lighting; natural or set-up.

  • Acceptable; A phone on a tripod, using the front camera. A good webcam. A camera connected to your computer. Not Acceptable; A phone using the selfie camera, that's hand-held or propped up at an angle. Most in-built computer cameras.

  • Audio; 1) An external microphone. 2) A boom to have the microphone close to your mouth, but not obscuring your face. 3) Headphones, to hear my instructions clearly.

  • In hypnosis, people tend to whisper. We need a good and well-positioned mic to pick up your voice loud and clear, to run the session, and have publishable audio without noise. No one wants to strain to listen to tinny low quality audio.

  • Acceptable; Preferably an external USB condenser mic on a boom or a lavalier mic. An over-ear headset with a noise-canceling microphone. Not Acceptable; Your built-in laptop mic. Your phone mic. An ear-bud speaker with attached mic.

  • These $19 sessions are saving you a lot per session. You can buy many of the required components with these savings, and have them to keep afterwards. They are an important upgrade for the 'new normal' anyway.

Enrollment Process

  • First complete an "Intake Form" and "Release Form" (as below) in full and email it to me. I'll assess the appropriateness, and email you to advise.

  • I'm looking for a very specific set of conditions, and many applications will not be a match. (Non-matching but fully completed applications may receive a free gift.)

  • If it's a match, we can schedule a Free Initial Call (guide below) to confirm acceptance and prepare for the session.

Sessions Intake & Release Forms

Download and complete whichever file format of these two documents suits you best;

1) Intake Form 

 Word - Mac

2) Video Release Form

Word - Mac

Email your Intake Form and Video Release Form to me at

I will reply. If I say we are a likely match, I'll invite you to schedule a Free Initial Call, to check and refine your IT set-up, and your therapeutic intention. 

Video-Call Scheduling

To book your Free Initial Call, use this Booking Page that has more details on the video-call process and scheduling, or the buttons below.

Go to 'Free Initial Consultation', click 'See Times', and select a time. 

This call includes some important preparation. After the call, if confirmed, you can then book and buy a full 90 minute 'Video Release PLRT or SRT Session' session.

See Online Booking Page

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PLRT Intake & Scheduling Guide

How to book your Free Initial Call about PLRT with Zoom

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Enroll In PLRT Sessions

  • $19.00

    $19.00Video Release Sessions in PLRT or SRT

    Do Not Buy Unless Confirmed. 'Video Release Permission Session' that allows use of edited footage for demonstration and training. See the "Video Release Sessions in PLRT & SRT" page for details. Conditions Apply. Very Limited Availability.
  • $200.00

    $200.00Past Life Regression Therapy - 3 Online Sessions

    One-off PLRT session. Only if you have had substantial PLRT sessions in the past, and have a focused singular intention.
  • $525.00

    $525.00Past Life Regression Therapy - 3 Online Sessions

    Recommended program of three 90 minute Past Life Regression Therapy sessions. (Additional sessions at $75, so 5 sessions is $499.)
  • $200.00

    $200.00Spirit Releasement Therapy - 3 Online Sessions

    One-off SRT session. Only if you have had substantial SRT sessions in the past, and have a focused singular intention.
  • $525.00

    $525.00Spirit Releasement Therapy - 3 Online Sessions

    Recommended program of three 90 minute Spirit Releasement Therapy sessions.