Payment Plan For Bundles

  • Before buying send your Intake Form first. We will then first have a free Initial Consultation to discuss your application.

  • Buy the "Past Life Therapist Bundle" in 4 installments.

  • You can then begin the videos, submit assignments and have video mentoring calls.

  • Payments are aligned to the mentoring calls.

  • You may pause the Payment Plan until you resume your client cases or assignments.

  • Get certification for each the course once you've completed that phase of assignments and each installment.

  • Enrollment delay; buying the course in full gives automatic enrollment in all courses. With Installments, there is an enrollment delay of up to 24 hours.

Payment Schedule

The bundle price is higher with the installment plan due to administration.

Past Life Therapist Bundle; Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression.

$1,900 becomes $2,000

Installment 1: $400; 2 Calls
Installment 2: $600; 4 calls
Installment 3: $600; 4 calls
Installment 4: $400; 2 calls